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Siege Perilous – Festival Fallout

April 10 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT

You wouldn’t expect to find such … legendary… beings in such a harsh land.

Santa Claus.

The Tooth Fairy.


The Easter Bunny.

And more.

You’d relegate them to the stuff of fairy tales, or children’s stories, and not give them a second thought.

Unfortunately, they’re all too real, and barely resemble their legends at all.

Santa’s cloak is red. On Siege red means only one thing.

The Tooth Fairy, wearing her valorite knuckle-dusters, flits through the night, breaking jaws, and collecting her shattered spoils of war.

Cupid, daemon archer, his cursed arrows shattering hearts and piercing relationships, his dark shadow feared by many, and even replicated to keep birds off the lawn.

And then there’s the Easter Bunny…

Tremble in fear this year, as the fearsome were-rabbit has just finished his annual rounds, infecting and possessing citizens who are foolish enough to eat the enchanted chocolate spheres he left around the land… can any resist his spell?

Come and see! Gather at the EM Hall, at 5pm EST. Bring carrots. You might get hungry.



April 10
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Siege Perilous