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Drachenfels and Europa Maintenance – 08/31

Update 11:25am EDT: Both shards are back online.

We are taking down the shards Drachenfels and Europa at 10:45am EDT (16:45 CEST) today to re-publish Publish 78.0 which didn’t get to these shards during the regular maintenance. We expect the shards to be back online no later than 11:45am EDT (17:45 CEST).

At the same time we will visit each shard and unlock the gates to the casino.

See you in the game!

UO Herald - Game Updates

Account Center Maintenance – 09/04

Update 11:50am EDT: The Acount Center is back online.

We will bring down the Account Center for maintenance tomorrow, Tuesday September 4th, at 10am EDT (16:00 CEST). During the maintenance you will not be able to change subscription or redeem game codes.
At the moment we anticipate the Account Center to be back online at 12pm EDT (18:400 CEST).

Thank you for your understanding.


UO Herald - Game Updates

Return to Britannia

Edit: Return to Britannia start on Wednesday, September 5th.

For fifteen years Britannia has been a world of arcane arts and cold steel, a world where the Apprentice can become Legendary, a world where Warriors become Champions. Throughout its rich past Britannia has been a place where histories have unfolded, where new friends have become family, and where each new adventure can lead to great fortune.

We once again invite old friends to Return to Britannia for the month of September!

Simply log in using any past Ultima Online account information and begin your adventure!

If you have forgotten your account password please visit using the “Forgot your Mythic account password”.

If you have forgotten your account name please e-mail to help recover your account.

See you in Britannia,

The UO Team

UO Herald - Game Updates

Sneak Peek III

Here is another Sneak Peek, as promised in the Producer’s letter:

  • If all goes well we will have up and running by the end of September.
  • ‘Return to Britannia’ starts tomorrow at 9am EDT, sorry for the confusion on this date.  It will run from September 5th to October 5th.
  • After tomorrow morning’s maintenance:

    • Despise healing mobs healing Andros or Adrian will be fixed.
    • You and your pet should no longer be teleported to a location that you cannot get out of.
    • Gargoyle Faction armor will no longer immediately disappear when fighting a monster in Trammel.

And we have two more pieces for you to enjoy.

UO Herald - Game Updates

Publish 78.1 Despise Fixes

We have made the following fixes and changes that will be seen after maintenance tomorrow.

  • We have made the following changes to the game mechanics of Dungeon Despise (Trammel)

    1. When a player damages any orb-controlled creature, that player will receive retaliatory damage
    2. Players now do less damage to orb-controlled creatures
    3. Orb-controlled creatures now receive a damage bonus against players
  • Fixed issue resulting in Despise artifact distribution not rewarding players involved in killing the Despise boss.
  • Fixed issue resulting in looting rights not being given to players involved in killing the Despise boss.


UO Herald - Game Updates

Ask & Answer No. 1

You ask and we answer. In the last days our team took the time to address some of the questions that keep coming in. If you have something you want to know about Ultima Online and the team, post your questions on your fansite. All interesting questions will be collected and send to our team, so we can continue to answer them.

Here are the first seven:

1. Would it be possible to convert the older quests to the new Quest system? The older system only allows one quest to be active at a time. (Drachenfels, General Chat)
Mesanna: Are you speaking about the context questions vs the paperdoll quests? I know this is not the answer you want to hear but without looking deeper into the code we can not give a definite answer for this question.

2. Are Harpsichord rolls a permanent or time limited drop? If limited, when will they stop? (popps, Stratics) 
Mesanna: This is a permanent addition to the game, hopefully in the future we can add additional music rolls.

3. Can you mention Fansites by URL in game…. there has been talk in the past you can and then some say you cannot (Rupert Avery, UO Auctions)
Mesanna: Yes, you can advertise any URL in game on your profile as long as it DOES NOT sell any items.

4. There’s a number of items that were introduced with SA that resemble & relate to the other Imbuing crafting ingredients. But they have no current use. Fey Wings, Fur, Horn of Abyssal Inferno, Kepetch Wax, Lodestone, Primeval Lich Dust, Slith Eye, Vile Tentacles, Void Core. Are there plans to make all those items, or some of them usable at one point? (Nystul, Ask the Devs)
Kyronix: We’re always looking for new and creative uses for underutilized ingredients and are currently working on adding some to upcoming content.

5. Hello, I just want to ask a question about Distilling. Are there any plans to expand it so that wines, beers, ales and sake can be made? Thanks (Edward Striker, Ask the Devs)
Mesanna: I will add this to our list of things to do, good suggestion Edward.

6. Is there any plans to make Golems semi “bondable” at some point in time? The big problem with Golems nowadays is that not only are they mostly underpowered, but also that any training put into them is undone when they can die so easily. Another part of the solution, would of course be to lessen the cooldown incurred upon healing the Golem. The cooldown is currently like 30 seconds, which is WAY too long. It should be shortened to something like 10 seconds. (PlayerSkillFTW, Ask the Devs)
Mesanna: We have talked about adding new golens to advanced Tinkering, but we are not going to add another golem to be a training punching bag for Luna.

7. Are there any plans to review getting to and from certain areas of Siege? There are many places on the shard that you cannot gate to from the Ter Mur facet and also from many places in the Tokuno facet, for example to areas around Luna and also areas around Yew and Skara Brae. (When you try, you get a very unhelpful message that says your spell doesn’t seem to work.) The inconsistencies make no sense at all and cause a lot of frustration for newcomers to the shard, especially when they work hard to make enough gold to place a house in an area that looks ideal for housing (because it’s sooooo empty) and then find out that the reason for the emptiness is just plain old bugginess. (Tina Small, Ask the Devs)
Mesanna: Tina we agree, and we are entering a problem report on this today.

That’s all for today, but we are sure you have more questions.

Keep them coming and we’ll see you in the game.


UO Herald - Game Updates

Service outage for Asia/Pacific

Update 10pm ETD (2am GMT): All shards are available again.


We’re currently experiencing an issue with our UO servers that is affecting the Asia/Pacific region. We are working to bring them back online as soon as possible.


Thank you for your patience


UO Herald - Game Updates

Hot Fix Notes – 7/13

We have corrected the following issues on all shards:

Client Update

  • Fixed issues related to the Enhanced client being stuck at log in screen

Bug Fixes

  • Faction players erroneously entering stat loss has been fixed
  • The issue with altered faction items disappearing has been fixed


UO Herald - Game Updates

Faction Item Warning

Please do not purchase any altered faction items. We are aware of an issue with them and currently working on a fix. There will be an update when the fix is published to all shards.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!