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UO Herald - Special Announcement

Account Center Update

The Account Center will be receiving an update next Tuesday, May 29th, 2018 that makes some changes to the center’s authentication flow.

These changes are being made to improve general account security and user privacy by more directly using EA’s robust account authentication system. In addition to improving the Account Center’s security and users’ privacy, this update also enables us to provide additional future updates and much-requested features to the Account Center such as game account un-linking, account-based character and server lists, and more!

Once the update is live, the following changes will take effect:

  • When logging into the Account Center, users will be redirected to EA’s website briefly and asked to login there.
    • Once successful, users will automatically be redirected back to the Account Center.
  • All account creation or account-linking services will now occur after a user logs into an existing EA account or a new user creates an EA account.
    • This means users attempting to create a new account must first sign into an existing EA account or create a new EA account and then follow the “Create a Trial” flow as normal.
    • This also means users who wish to link or recover an un-linked account to EA must first login to an existing EA account or create a new EA account and then follow the “Link Accounts” flow as normal.
      • During the “Link Accounts” flow there is a new “forgot my password” link that will allow users to reset the game accounts’ old *Account Center* password (note: this is different than the EA account and game passwords!) in the event it was forgotten.
  • Once signed into an EA account all services and systems included but not limited to managing subscriptions, viewing linked game accounts, and resetting game account passwords remain unchanged.
  • Account Center  UO guide  will be updated to reflect these changes as soon as possible!

Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong


UO Herald - Special Announcement

Warehouses slow or not working

Greetings everyone,

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up we are having technical difficulties with the following systems:

Account Center

Forum authentication

In game store balances

and the CS paging system.

These systems are not operating correctly and will appear either broken or extrememly slow.  At this time we do not have an ETA when this will be fixed but we will give you an update tomorrow after we are able to look into these issues further.

We want to thank you for your patience and have a great weekend.

UO Team


Publish 100 Comes to TC1

Greetings All,

We are pleased to announce the first of several TC1 Publish 100 releases will be available for testing on TC1 by 4pm ET May 16, 2018.  Publish 100 is full of bug fixes, so head over to TC1 to check out the latest update.  Be sure to check the notes for full release details.  As always, we look forward to your feedback.

See you in Britannia,

UO Team

New Ultima Store Item: Violet Soulstone

Want to add a bit of variety to your soulstone collection?  This new soulstone comes in a beautiful violet hue that is sure to impress!  The soulstone allows you to trade out and store skills from your character.  The stored skill may be retrieved by another character on the account.  The stone may only hold one skill at a time and all standard skill level maximums are enforced when retrieving skills from the stone.  Get your Violet Soulstone from the Ultima Store today!

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Atlantic Maintenance

Good afternoon everyone,

We will be taking Atlantic down at 5:30 pm today, 5/1/18.  It should only be down for approximately 45 minutes.  We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


UO Herald - Special Announcement

General Updates

Greetings Everyone,

The Endless Journey limited bank storage has been published to all shards.  As stated earlier we will be making additional changes in the near future to complete the system.

All but 2 of the winners of the Human/Gargoyle houses in Ter Mur have been claimed and I would once again like to congratulate those winners.

Below is a list of the actions and the numbers of people we have banned since the first of April.



12 disruptive behavior

18 macroers

14 multiboxers

12 solicitation

4/9 – 4/15

14 macroers

7 solicitation

6 disruptive behavior


UO Herald - Special Announcement

Endless Journey Bank Storage Update

Greetings Everyone,

As stated last week we will be publishing Endless Journey limited bank box storage today 4/16/2018 by approx 3 pm ET.   All Endless Journey accounts will receive a base amount of 20 items ( bank expansions can increase the max item count to 28).  Any account over the max limit will be able to view their full banks but will not be able to remove any items at this time.  In the near future we will be adding the ability to remove items from the bank that are over the set max limit.   Please check it out and give us your feedback, if all goes well we will be putting this out to Origin tomorrow and WW by Wednesday.

UO Team

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Ter Mur Raffle House Winners

Greetings Everyone,

We would like to congratulate the winners of raffle for the houses in Ter Mur.  Please note these are not grandfathered houses.  Below is a list of the shard and character names of the winners.

Legends – Styx

Baja – Carrick

Hokuto – RAVE

Formosa – Flaps el Unic

Izumo – Yasuo

Mizuho – Mercury

Asuka – Keib-Wan

Thank you in advance and have a great day in Britannia!