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UO Herald - Special Announcement

Victory At Last! Britannians Rejoice as Titans Defeated!

After many great battles The Shattered Obelisk draws to a close as Britannian’s celebrate their hard fought victory with a parade in Britain!  As we celebrate we are also pleased to release the conclusion of the official fiction, The Lost Vale.

Please note: Parade preparations are currently underway and will be completed as His Majesty’s artisans move parade floats and steeds into position.  Citizens are encouraged to walk the parade route and visit King Blackthorn.

A Huge Thank You


On behalf of the entire UO Team, we want to extend a very special thank you to all of our players, past and present, for your continued support of Ultima Online as we celebrate 20 years of UO!

The Anniversary party was a huge success and it was such a pleasure to meet everyone.  We have over 700 photos to sift through and will post those here and on social media so you can check them out!

For all of the winners of the castle raffle, I have emailed everyone with a valid email address.  If you have not received an email and you were a winner, please contact me.

We were also very excited to announce the next major stage in Ultima Online’s history with Endless Journey coming Spring of 2018.  You can check our preliminary FAQ page about the Endless Journey here.  We look forward to sharing more information about the Endless Journey and what’s next in Britannia in the coming weeks and months.

We also want give a very special thanks to In10se BBQ for an amazing meal and a very big thank you to the Spawn family for making the amazing mugs and decals.  We also want to thank Larper’s Lounge for donating the prizes for the costume contest.

As a special treat, one of the attendees at the party brought a drone and took this amazing photo of the BBQ on Saturday.  Thanks again for everyone who attended.

See you in Britannia,

Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong


UO Herald - Special Announcement

Account Center Maintenance

Good morning everyone,

We need to do a 30 minute maintenance on the account center which means you will not be able to log in from 11 am to approx 12pm today 09/12/17.  If you are already in the game you will not be effected by this maintenance.

Thank you for your understanding.

UO Team