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UO Herald - Special Announcement

General Updates

Greetings Everyone,

The Endless Journey limited bank storage has been published to all shards.  As stated earlier we will be making additional changes in the near future to complete the system.

All but 2 of the winners of the Human/Gargoyle houses in Ter Mur have been claimed and I would once again like to congratulate those winners.

Below is a list of the actions and the numbers of people we have banned since the first of April.



12 disruptive behavior

18 macroers

14 multiboxers

12 solicitation

4/9 – 4/15

14 macroers

7 solicitation

6 disruptive behavior


UO Herald - Special Announcement

Endless Journey Bank Storage Update

Greetings Everyone,

As stated last week we will be publishing Endless Journey limited bank box storage today 4/16/2018 by approx 3 pm ET.   All Endless Journey accounts will receive a base amount of 20 items ( bank expansions can increase the max item count to 28).  Any account over the max limit will be able to view their full banks but will not be able to remove any items at this time.  In the near future we will be adding the ability to remove items from the bank that are over the set max limit.   Please check it out and give us your feedback, if all goes well we will be putting this out to Origin tomorrow and WW by Wednesday.

UO Team

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Ter Mur Raffle House Winners

Greetings Everyone,

We would like to congratulate the winners of raffle for the houses in Ter Mur.  Please note these are not grandfathered houses.  Below is a list of the shard and character names of the winners.

Legends – Styx

Baja – Carrick

Hokuto – RAVE

Formosa – Flaps el Unic

Izumo – Yasuo

Mizuho – Mercury

Asuka – Keib-Wan

Thank you in advance and have a great day in Britannia!


UO Herald - Special Announcement

Endless Journey & Storage


We would like to update you on storage options that will become available for Endless Journey accounts.  All Endless Journey accounts will have access to their bank box providing a reduced amount of secure storage.  Former Veteran accounts that return as Endless Journey accounts that have more items than the reduced limit allows will be able to view the contents of the bank, but will not be able to remove any items at this time.  We are working on ways to provide access to these items and will update you as these options become available.  We hope to have these changes live on Test Center sometime next week, and deployed World Wide as soon as testing permits.  Remember you can gain access to all the items in your bank by subscribing at any time.

Endless Journey has brought a new era to Ultima Online and we appreciate your continued patience and feedback while we fine tune the experience to best meet everyone’s needs.

Thank you and see you in Britannia,

UO Team

UO Herald - Hotfix

Town Cryer Quests

We have corrected an issue preventing redemption of rewards from the dungeon related quests from the Town Cryer.  Players who have completed these quests should visit the last NPC in the quest and approach them to redeem their reward.  All shards have been published, with the exception of Oceania which will receive the fix following their next scheduled maintenance.

Endless Journey is Here


Publish 99 has been deployed World Wide, introducing a host of new features – most notably Endless Journey!

The transition for closed accounts to Endless Journey accounts has begun and will continue until all accounts have been processed.  We appreciate your patience as we work through this process.  You will not be able to login until the account has been processed.

Update 4/7/2018 7:19pm ET: The account transition process is continuing.  As you may imagine there is a very large number of accounts to process.  Thank you for your continued patience while we work through this process.  Keep an eye on for continued updates.  You can check the status of your account by visiting the account center and checking the “end date” for Endless Journey accounts.  For those accounts that have completed their transition the “end date” will be marked as “N/A”.

Update 4/5/2018 6:00pm ET: The account transition process is continuing.  Based on current processing rates we expect this process to take as long as the next 48 hours to complete.  We will update this post when the process has fully completed.  Thank you for your continued patience while we work through this process.

We look forward to your feedback, and welcome new and returning players back to Britannia!  Be sure to check out the forums for the latest conversation on all things Ultima Online.

The raffle stones for the Human & Gargoyle Abyss houses that have been available on select shards will be removed today.  We will be announcing the winners on Monday!  Good luck!

Please also note that Vendor Search on Origin, Izumo & Baja will not populate properly until vendor owners opt-in/opt-out or those shards go through their next regularly scheduled maintenance.


See you in Britannia,

UO Team

New Ultima Store Item: Deluxe Starter Pack

Looking to jump start your Endless Journey in Britannia?  The Deluxe Starter Pack is the perfect way to get right into the action!  Available from the Ultima Store, the Deluxe Starter pack includes,

  • A Runic Atlas (a high capacity runebook) that comes pre-loaded with recall runes to Britannia’s Vaults, Banks, and Points of Interest
  • A Runic Hunter’s Atlas that allows recalling to a variety of hunting grounds friendly to the training adventurer, complete with location descriptions and tips
  • A full complement of full spellbooks for all magic schools including Bushido, Chivalry, Magery, Mysticism, Necromancy, and Ninjitsu
  • A Token of Skill Alacrity that allows you and your party members to experience an increased rate of skill gain for an entire week.  This token is bound to the character that purchases it.
  • A Deluxe Journeyman’s Armor token that outfits the adventurer in a starter set of human/elf or gargish leather armor providing 70% in all resists, +15 Hit Points, +17 Mana, +17 Stamina, +30 Lower Mana Cost, +6 Hit Point Regeneration, +6 Mana Regeneration, +10 Stamina Regeneration, +5 Strength, +5 Dexterity, +5 Intelligence, and 100% Lower Reagent Cost
  • A Community Collection Point Award token that can be redeemed at the Moonglow Zoo, Vesper Museum, or Britain Library for 500,000 points
  • A Dungeon Point Award Point Token that can be redeemed for 100 Blackthorn Dungeon points, 1000 Dungeon Crystal Points of Despise, and 1000 Covetous Points
  • A direct deposit of 100,000 gold into your currency account
  • All items are account and shard bound.