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As the Ages Roll Away


As we head into the opening act of Forsaken Foes we invite you to sit back and enjoy, As the Ages Roll Away

by EM Malachi

The Spiritwood

The swirl of glowing mana surprised the young ranger, and his axe slipped. Instead of the sapling he meant to cut, Shamino hit his own leg.

The mana coalesced into a strange Moongate, and a young man stepped through. The stranger gave the bleeding ranger a look of shock and dropped what he was holding: a glowing serpent amulet.


The Bloody Plains

Each had brought an army. The king of Britain had marched from his capital, and Shamino had marched his forces west from a small fishing village called Vesper. Now they stood together for the final battle of the war. They would defeat Mondain’s forces, or they would perish along with the hopes of all Sosaria.

Shamino remarked that his friend was not wearing the amulet that had brought him to Sosaria.

The king nodded. “I am not going anywhere.”


The Throne Room

 Shamino heard the whispers from the castle staff and royal officials as he headed into the throne room. The day he worried about had come, so he went to confront his friend. “Is it true that you’re leaving?”

Rule may have aged the king of Britannia, but his face still held the same solemn conviction as when they first met. “Shamino, I do this to protect all of you. I must keep the fragments of the Gem far from those who could misuse them.”

“But who will take your place?”

“If I offered you the crown, would you accept it?”

Shamino shook his head. “No. I have already failed one kingdom.”

The king gave his friend a sad smile. “You are better than you know.  Someday, our people will need you to keep them safe.”

“How can I do that?”

“I am leaving something to help. The amulet that brought me to Sosaria is hidden for you to find. In a dream, a man in chains told me that there will come a day when you will need it.”


The Well of Souls

“Wake up!”

Startled awake, Shamino drew his sword and prepared for an attack. The old ranger sat across the dying fire from him, ghostly hands gripping the memory of a longbow. The shade watched as Shamino got to his feet. “This is no time to rest. There’s a storm coming.”

Shamino looked up at the night sky, but he saw no clouds in the world of the living. Still, he felt the disturbance. After Lithos had destroyed the capstone of the Well of Souls, more and more spirits got lost on their way to whatever came next. However, this was the first time a spirit had come back. The Ranger Barren had died seven seasons earlier, peacefully in his sleep.

“Why are you here?” Shamino asked.

The spirit gave him a strange look. “Can you not hear the Voice calling, brother?”

“No, I don’t. What’s it saying?”

The dead man seemed to fight off the influence long enough to give a hand gesture of warning. His face went blank again, and the shade started to walk out over the water. From the Well of Souls, other ghosts began appearing, streaming in eight directions.

Forsaken Foes – World Wide Release



We are pleased to announce that as of each shard’s normal maintenance beginning September 17, 2019 Forsaken Foes will be deployed world wide.

A few highlights in Forsaken Foes include –

  • 22nd Anniversary Rewards – Ultima Online turns 22 this year, a special gift for our dedicated players!
  • Treasures of the Sea – collect souls using Ethereal Soulbinders and redeem them for brand new equipment recipes!
  • Scalis, Charybdis, and Corgul – updated loot including brand new equipment recipes, the hungry coconut crab pet, and a re-introduction of Leurocian’s Mempo of Fortune!
  • Aquarium Update with over 50 new creatures to collect and 3 new aquariums to build!
  • Halloween favorites coming October 1st – Trick or Treating, Carveable Pumpkins, and Zombie Skeletons!

This is just a small sampling of everything that is included in this publish, check out the Forsaken Foes publish notes for more details!

We are also pleased to announce the winners of the Castle Contents!

  • The Sorcerer’s Castle by Oasis
  • The Castle Cascade by Imbri Malifica
  • The House Built on the Ruins by Wendy
  • The Sandstone Fortress of Grand Cross by Grand Bishop
  • The Dragonstone Castle by Bree
  • The Terrace Gardens by Violet

A special thank you to all the players who participated in our public testing events and provided great feedback!

See you on the High Seas,

UO Team

Forsaken Foes coming to Origin, Izumo, and Baja



Beginning with each shard’s normally scheduled maintenance on September 10th, 2019 we will be deploying Forsaken Foes to Origin, Izumo & BajaForsaken Foes is the third in our High Seas themed content updates for the year and brings updates to the Huntmaster’s Challenge, fresh rewards on Scalis, Charybdis, and Corgul, and a huge update to Aquariums!  Forsaken Foes also brings 22nd Anniversary Rewards, a new vendor type, and various Quality of Life Changes!  Please be sure to check out the latest publish notes for the full release details and give your feedback on the UO forums!  We want to thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback from the Test Center releases!

This release is also coupled with a mandatory client patch, please make sure you patch up your client to the latest version in order to access any shard.

See you in Britannia,

UO Team

UO Herald - Special Announcement

Ethereal Soulbinder Test Event!



We would like to encourage any interested players to visit TC1 over the weekend and collect some ethereal soulbinders to fill with souls of the soulbound!  The results of this testing will help us to appropriately price the rewards from the Fellowship vendor!

To participate you only need to do the following,

  • Visit the Britain Commons to obtain your soulbinder from the stone next to the Dolphin mailbox!
  • Fill your soulbinders by fighting any creature with the “Soulbound” tag, including all sea creatures and ships from Rising Tide as well as Corgul, Scalis, or Charybdis!  Make sure your soulbinders are in the top level of your backpack!
  • Drop your soulbinders in the Dolphin Mailbox and your testing data will be logged!

Thank you to everyone who has helped test Forsaken Foes so far and we look forward to your continued feedback.

See you in Britannia,

UO Team

UO Herald - Lore

Serpent’s Spine

With the upcoming release of Forsaken Foes we invite you to enjoy, Serpent’s Spine,

By EM Malachi

The fire had been smothered, but there still were a few embers. A poorly butchered deer carcass was bleeding nearby. The gargoyle had been at the abandoned camp recently. Iolo’s quarry was close. The bard searched for a fresh trail away from the campsite.

Iolo hadn’t known Feridwyn well, but what he had seen had earned his respect. In spite of his misgivings about the Fellowship, Iolo planned to take up Feridwyn’s duties at the poorhouse after Justice had been served. Right at this moment though, he was hunting Feridwyn’s killer through the mountains.

After Katrina had reported the murder, the town guard pursued the killer, Forskis, through the streets of Britain and into the neighboring farmlands. Forskis had set a farmhouse on fire to cover his escape. When the smoke finally cleared and the farm family inside were safe, the gargoyle was long gone. The local guards didn’t have the means or experience to track Forskis into the mountains. Iolo did.

The Serpent’s Spine Mountains were a maze of jagged rocks. One misstep almost sent the old bard on a very fast fall back to Britain. Why the gargoyle didn’t take flight, Iolo did not know, but it meant there was a clear trail to follow into the mountains. Still, Forskis had a day’s head start, and this was the closest Iolo had gotten.

Iolo readied his crossbow as he followed the tracks away from the fire. They led through the gorge as it narrowed, eventually coming to a dead end. A falling pebble made him look up. Forskis was holding onto the ravine wall high above, waiting for him. Iolo managed to get a bolt into the air, but the shot went wide. The gargoyle snarled and used his incredible strength to pull free part of the rock face, starting an avalanche.

Iolo covered his head as the rocks fell on him.

Forsaken Foes TC Release 2



We are pleased to announce the second Test Center release of Forsaken Foes will be available today after 1pm ET!  Forsaken Foes is the third in our High Seas themed content updates for the year and we are excited to bring you a host of new features including,

  • New rewards for the Huntmaster’s Challenge!
  • The Treasures of the Sea Forsaken Foes event!
  • New rewards for Scalis, Charybdis, and Corgul
  • and much more!

This is only a small part of what’s to come in Forsaken Foes and we look forward to hearing your constructive feedback as we work through the public testing process.  Please be sure to check out the publish notes for the full list of updates, and participate on the UO Forum in the latest discussions.

We would also like to invite everyone to participate in a public test event beginning today and running through the weekend!  Hop on to TC1 and say hello!

Please note this release includes a mandatory client patch.  Please patch up your client before accessing any shard!

See you in Britannia,

UO Team


UO Herald - Contest

Publish 106 Castle Contest Important Dates


Please take note of the following important dates for the Publish 106 Castle Contest

  • Contest Start Wednesday, August 14, 2019 1:39:29 PM GMT-04:00 DST
  • Round One Voting    Wednesday, August 28, 2019 1:46:09 PM GMT-04:00 DST
  • Round Two Voting    Wednesday, September 4, 2019 1:46:09 PM GMT-04:00 DST
  • Contest End    Saturday, September 7, 2019 1:46:09 PM GMT-04:00 DST

Forsaken Foes TC Release 1



We are pleased to announce the first Test Center release of Forsaken Foes will be available today after 4pm ET!  Forsaken Foes is the third in our High Seas themed content updates for the year and we are excited to bring you a host of new features including,

  • Aquarium Update with new craftable aquariums and over 50 new creatures to collect!
  • 22nd Anniversary Rewards
  • A New Commission Vendor
  • Numerous Quality of Life Updates & Bug Fixes!

This is only a small part of what’s to come in Forsaken Foes and we look forward to hearing your constructive feedback as we work through the public testing process.  Please be sure to check out the publish notes for the full list of updates, and participate on the UO Forum in the latest discussions.

We would also like to invite everyone to participate in a public test event beginning today and running through the weekend!  Hop on to TC1 and say hello!

Please be sure to patch up to the latest client before checking out any of the new content on TC1!

See you in Britannia,

UO Team


UO Herald - Lore

An Honest Man


We invite you to sit back and enjoy, An Honest Man

By EM Malachi

An Honest Man

Katrina poured water on the wound and winced in pain. A large thorn had caught her arm when she was helping a sheep escape a briar tangle. There was one in every flock: independent and curious. As she wrapped her wound, the errant sheep nuzzled her leg, looking none the worse for wear.

She had joined the drive from Skara Brae to Britain so she would have an excuse to see her friend. Feridwyn’s early letters about the Fellowship had been excited and full of stories. Then they had gotten shorter and hinted at his doubts. His most recent letter was the most surprising of all: he was going to marry another member of the group. Katrina needed to know what was going on.


When she arrived in Britain and found the Fellowship Hall, she saw a large crowd gathered listening to a man giving a speech. When she didn’t see Feridwyn at the group, she asked someone about the Fellowship poorhouse. She was directed to the outskirts of Britain.

The poorhouse was crammed full of extra beds and supplies, but the occupants were at Batlin’s speech. As Katrina made her way through the narrow halls, she bumped into a large gargoyle. When she tried to apologize, he gave the shepherdess a nasty look and hurried to the exit. As she turned back, she saw the gargoyle had left a trail of blood. Katrina rushed down the hall.

Feridwyn’s small room had been turned over, and he was lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Katrina shouted for help as she pulled cloth from her bag. She desperately tried to put pressure on the largest wound.

Feridwyn recognized her, grabbing her arm. “I doubted. I couldn’t let it be.”

“There will be time later. I need to help you.”

He was crying now. “It wasn’t what I wanted.”

Katrina again shouted for help, but she felt the hand on her arm let go. The dying man looked past her before muttering his last words, “Will I see them again?”

UO Herald - Lore

Iolo Undercover


We invite you to sit back and enjoy, Iolo Undercover.

By EM Malachi

“You’re Iolo the Bard!”

“Not today I’m not. I’m just someone with a bowl of stew. Mind if I take this seat?” The bard sat down. “How are you doing today?”

Feridwyn examined the bard sitting across from him. An old cap covered shaggy white hair, and there was a warm smile behind the long beard. “I’m well. What brings you to the Fellowship?”

Iolo tentatively ate a small spoonful of the stew and looked pleasantly surprised. He set to work on the bowl. “I heard of the good work being done here and wanted to see it for myself.”

“What do you think so far?”

“I think I’m hungry. After a morning of stacking crates, I still have a lot of questions. The first being: Is this really the best way to help people?”

“Many have voiced doubts about our work, even a dear friend of mine, but trust is required.”

Iolo thought for a moment. “That reminds me of a story.”

There once was a farmer who bred and trained horses. One day, when he went into his stable, a voice said to him, “The nail holding the lantern is loose. One good gust, and it will fall.”

 The farmer didn’t see anyone, just his horses, but he went over to the lantern and checked. The piece of wood was rotten, and the nail fell right out when he pulled on it. “Thank you! The whole place could have burned down.”

 “You’re welcome!” said the strange voice.

 A few days later, the farmer was getting ready to repair the thatch on the stable roof. He had the ladder in place when the same voice said, “The ground is soft under one rail. It’ll sink as you climb, and you will fall.”

 Again, the farmer only saw a few of his horses in the corral, but he checked the ladder. One side was indeed sinking into the ground. “Thank you again! May I know your name?”

 “I have a couple of names, but all my friends call me Smith.”

 A couple of weeks later, the farmer was purchasing a new saddle from a traveling merchant in the village, when the voice warned him, “Don’t buy that saddle. The rigging isn’t attached very well.”

 The farmer checked the straps and didn’t see a problem, and the merchant assured him that no one had ever had a problem with one of his saddles. Since it was a very good deal, the farmer ignored the advice. “I think I know a thing or two about saddles.”

 The farmer put the new saddle on the horse and started the ride for home. Feeling good about his purchase, the farmer started to push his horse into a brisk gallop. As horse and rider turned the bend for home, the farmer saw the fence gate had somehow shut, and he decided to try to jump it. The horse under him had other ideas and instead turned off to the side. Just then the billet straps tore loose, and the rider tumbled off the horse into a puddle of soft mud.

 While the farmer was wiping the stinking mud from his face, the horse bent his head down. “I also know a thing or two about saddles. While you are putting on our old saddle, grab me a sugar cube.”

As Iolo finished his tale, Feridwyn laughed. “My little ones would have loved that story.” Feridwyn’s face darkened for a moment when he remembered. “I need to see about a food shipment to Ter Mur.”

Iolo patted the other man’s shoulder as Feridwyn got up to leave. “I know what you’re going through. It’s difficult. Let me know if you ever want to talk about it.”

Feridwyn gave a sad nod. “If you stick around, I’m sure we’ll share another meal. Good meeting you, Iolo.” He left.

Iolo wiped a crust of bread along the bottom of his empty bowl. “For a cult, they make a decent stew.”