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Chesapeake Update

Greetings everyone,

The issue that caused the crash on Chesapeake was related to the Magincia Stalls.  We have temporarily  disabled the ability to bid on any stalls until this is fixed.  Be aware the owners of the stalls  will retain them until we resolve the crash.   Shard transfers have been disabled and will not be available until the issue is fixed.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.  You will not experience any revert from the crash today.

Thank you,





UO Herald - Special Announcement

Forgotten Treasures Update



For the past several weeks we have been working through updating one of the core features of Ultima Online. Work on an update to the “Treasure Hunter” profession started long before the first line of code was written and the first pixel was drawn as we gathered feedback from players at the 20th Anniversary party, via e-mail and messages, and on the UO Forum.  As we planned the update to Treasure Hunting that would form the foundation of Forgotten Treasures we identified key areas of the experience that needed update from both the player’s and our own perspective. As we try to deliver on these goals sometimes a feature feels right, and other times does not quite work out. We want to thank everyone who has participated in providing feedback for what’s on TC1 and would like to share with you several changes we have in the works,

  • Items will no longer be destroyed with lockpicking failures, instead a grubber will spawn before the lock is opened.
  • Items will no longer be destroyed when Remove Trap fails.
  • Puzzles will no longer be a part of the Treasure Chest trap.
  • Remove Trap trainers will still be available for purchase should players wish to train their skill this way. You will also be able to train Remove Trap via untrapping Treasure Chests and other traps already in the gameworld.
  • Magic Untrap will no longer work on Treasure Chests, Magic Unlock will work as it is currently implemented on TC1.
  • The Remove Trap loop for Treasure Chests has been redesigned as follows,
    • When a player tries to open a chest that is trapped, they will receive a message to use the Remove Trap skill.
    • The disarming process will begin when a player uses Remove Trap on the chest.  
    • During the disarming process Ancient Chest Guardians, chosen from the monsters that can spawn during the initial dig, will spawn to defend the chest.  These monsters will not drop any loot.
    • These monsters must be defeated before the chest can be opened.
    • The length of this process is variable based on the player’s Remove Trap skill, with higher Remove Trap skill requiring less disarming time.
    • If the player moves more than 16 tiles away from the chest or is killed during the disarming process, the process must be restarted.
  • We have taken another pass at chest loot quality and have made the following changes, 
    • Magic Equipment will now spawn in all level chests.
    • Doubled the amount of magic equipment that spawns.
    • Added additional loot entries to all chest packages, primarily for Scrolls of Transcendence and Scrolls of Alacrity.

We’ve also identified a number of issues that could cause chests to erroneously come up empty or for chests to be missing certain loot items.  We’ll have full details in the release notes when these changes hit TC1.

We are currently working through the changes internally and hope to have them live on TC1 early next week, these changes are not currently live on TC1.  We know there are bound to be some questions regarding these changes, but we would encourage everyone to hold off until we have something concrete on TC1 as things often can change during internal testing.  We, however, did not want to go into a long weekend without sharing our plans with the community!

For those of you who will be celebrating the Memorial Day holiday in the United States we hope you join us in honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice and enjoy a safe and happy extended weekend.

See you in Britannia,

UO Team

UO Herald - Lore



As we continue the story of Rising Tide we invite you to sit back and enjoy, Sacrifice.

By EM Malachi

Those guarding the shore of the Isle of Deeds saw the pirate sloop before they noticed the rowboat it was pursuing. It was clear the small craft had a head start, but one man rowing could not match the wind for speed.

The knight in command made the call to protect the fleeing boat, ordering the Hold’s cannons to track the pirate ship. When a few shots came close, the pirate ship veered to avoid the fortified island, but its crew fired a parting shot at the rowboat. Striking the side, the cannonball obliterated the boat, sending its occupant flying.

The knight commander was surprised when he saw the survivor crawling out of the surf. The man struggled to stand after the swim. It was a young pirate with a longsword strapped to his back. He was clutching a stone object tightly to his chest. Seeing the line of knights, he held out what he was carrying before collapsing.


The Lord of the Den had demanded ships, and the Guild had heeded Hook’s command. Every galleon, brigantine, and sloop was deployed with the purpose of cutting off Britannian sea routes. Shipbuilding efforts in Yew and Minoc were set ablaze. The pirate fleet brazenly sank merchant ships docked in Moonglow. A night’s skirmishes with the Royal Navy in Brittany Bay left the entire city without sleep.

Because of the chaos, the fleet preparing to retake Valor Island was instead ordered to join the blockade of Buccaneer’s Den.


The old gargoyle ran a talon over the Rune of Valor. “I see a powerful corruption here and the rot is spreading, moving through the connection toward the shrine itself. There is something else too. A darkness on the edge of my vision. Whatever power this Rankin tapped into, I do not believe even his death will end the spell.”

Mariah was distraught. “That is why I need answers from the Codex. May I borrow the necessary artifact from the gargoyles? I need to save the rune.”

Naxatillor gave a sad sigh. “My friend, you already know what you must do. Healers from both our peoples know that a limb cannot always be saved, but it is the greater whole that matters. To save the shrine, you must sacrifice the work of your friend.”

“Do you have any idea how hard that is? This was Julia’s final masterwork. She gave her life for me, and her spirit came to me for help. I owe her this.”

The gargoyle painfully extended his wings. They still bore scars that Naxatilor had received when the seer had peered too far into the Ethereal Void. He looked so very old. “I have outlived all of my hatchkins. I would trade the mantle of age and all I am to see their faces again. What I do now, I do for the world they died to build, a world they never got to see. A world where my people live and work with humans and elves and Meer and others for the greater good. So their sacrifice was not in vain.” “For what she lived for, you must be the woman Julia died to save.”

UO Herald - Contest

Congratulations Keep Design Contest Winners!


We know you are going to LOVE these designs!  We are continually amazed at the creativity of Britannia’s architects and we are excited to announce the following keep plots will be available when Forgotten Treasures is released worldwide,

The fortress of Lestat by Lestat

Citadel of the Far by voice

Keep Incarcerated by Nick Carraway

Desert Rose by obsidian

Sally Trees by Cinderella

8 of Hearts by Clover

Congratulations again to all the winners!

See you in Britannia,

UO Team

Forgotten Treasures TC Release 2



We are pleased to announce the second Test Center release of Forgotten Treasures will be available today after 4pm ET! Forgotten Treasures is the second in our High Seas themed content updates for the year and we are excited to bring a fresh perspective to Treasure Hunting and Cleanup Britannia. This next installment of Forgotten Treasures brings new mechanics to Treasure Hunting as well as new decorative items, equipment, and more! Please be sure to check out the publish notes for the latest updates, and participate on the UO Forum in the latest discussions.

We would also like to invite everyone to participate in a public test event beginning today and running through the weekend. Hop on to TC1 and say hello!

Please note – if you plan to test anything on TC1, especially Treasure Hunting, you will need to patch up to the latest client. When you head back to production, you will see this updated client text – do not be alarmed, this is normal and expected behavior.

See you in Britannia,

UO Team

UO Herald - Lore

Call to Valor


The story of Rising Tide continues and we invite you to sit back and enjoy, The Call to Valor.

By EM Malachi

The flawless stone was inlaid with a gold sword. Sir Simon watched as the builders adjusted the central marble feature of the new shrine. “The Shrine of Valor will be difficult to maintain and protect here. I wonder why you didn’t build it on the Isle of Deeds. The knights of Serpent’s Hold would have stood vigil over it at all times.”

The young king shook his head. “While I appreciate the chivalry of the Order of the Silver Serpent, I do not want the shrine to become a symbol of martial strength. Valor is not a weapon for the strong, but a calling to protect the weak. This place is about the acts of courage that any may be called to perform. Valor is something to strive for, to make a pilgrimage for.”


Mold and rot covered the vegetation around the shrine, and the air thrummed with a rancorous magic. Rankin adjusted the blackened silver glyphs he had placed around the Rune of Valor.

“You promised me incredible power if you could tap into the leyline here. Instead, you seem to be making this island uninhabitable,” said Hook. The pirate lord let out his frustrations by kicking a rock directly at the shrine.

“I told you this would take time. The shrine’s very nature is resisting me, but with the Rune, I will win in the end.”


It was before dawn when the old knight with trembling limbs approached the shrine. He paused for a moment to compose his words. “It seems a lifetime ago that I promised myself I would come here. My last squire long ago attained knighthood. My victories are forgotten. I no longer have the strength to fight, but I don’t know how to give up this life.”

The knight drew his sword but lost his grip, and the blade fell to the ground. Close to tears, he slowly bent down to retrieve the sword, but as his shaking hand moved closer, the sword began to sink into the earth. When it was gone, there were only small red flowers lit by the rising sun. 

The old man bowed his head and whispered, “Thank you.”


The young pirate covered his face with a cloth as he cleared dying trees that had fallen near the shrine. The foul air made those who breathed it sick after a while. Jasir was not happy to have to keep debris from interfering with the dark rite. This was a place for knights and heroes, not for blight and curses.

When he was a child, his mother had told him stories of chivalry and great battles, wishing more for Jasir than the poverty of the Nujel’m slums. Looking at his grubby breeches and the cutlass at his side, the pirate wondered if she would be disappointed if she could see him now. When he had left that island so many years ago, Jasir never expected to crew alongside murderers, orcs, and necromancers.

The setting sun through the trees glinted off something near the shrine. Moving closer, Jasir saw a sword, untouched by rust. On the blade was an inscription: Protect those in need. Jasir picked up the sword and felt its heft. It was heavier than he expected, but it felt right in his grip. With his other hand, he drew the rusted cutlass and tossed it to the ground.

As he smashed the silver glyphs around the Rune, the new knight wondered if he would see his mother again.

Forgotten Treasures TC Release 1 – Update



We have updated TC1 with the latest release of Forgotten Treasures to include the following updates,

  • Resolved issue where loot generation in treasure chests would not function properly and could lead to characters ending up in a broken state.
  • Temporarily removed locks and traps on all treasure chests to focus on loot for testing purposes.
  • Resolved issue where decoding a treasure map could result in errors.

Thank you to everyone who has taken an early look at Forgotten Treasures and we look forward to your continued feedback on the forums.

See you in Britannia,

UO Team