Publish 117

TC Release 1 – 2/16/2024

TC Release 2 – 4/5/2024

TC Release 3 – 4/10/2024

Origin Release – 4/15/2024

  • Hiryu Statuette – 2 Year
  • Sphinx Statuette – 4 Year
  • Enchanted Gardening Shears – 6 Year
    • Will automatically harvest all seeds and/or resources from garden plants
  • Lady of the Snow Statuette – 8 Year
  • Ultima Dragon Deco Pack – 9 Year
    • Decorative Ultima Dragon Bunting, Banner, Flag, and Wall Shield
  • Decorative Lava Pool – 12 Year
    • Small, Medium, and Large
  • Enchanted Greenhouse – 13 Year
    • Holds plants without counting against house lockdowns.

High Seas & Black Market Updates

The following updates have been made to to High Seas & the Black Market located in Buc’s Den,

  • Updated list of pirates
  • Added uncommon crabs & lobsters to merchant vessel cargo
  • Black Market Rewards
    • Added additional orchid colors
    • Plunderplucker – bard instrument, random lesser & super slayer.  Replenishes charges
    • Ruckuss Rum
      • Shield Transmogrification Target
    • Ship Paints – 4 new hues
    • Skullcarver
      • Artifact Weapon, Human & Gargoyle
    • Pumpkin Cannon
    • Pumpkin Rowboat
    • Reward Titles
      • Swabbie
      • Deckhand
      • Shantyman

Shrouded Sails

Participate in a variety of activities & encounters to collect Plunderin’ Pirate Hats.  Increase your odds of collecting Plunderin’ Pirate Hats with the Potion of Glorious Fortune!

  • The Void Pool – pirates have invaded the Void Pool!  Test your mettle in this all out pirate brawl!
  • Treasure Chests
  • Messages in a Bottle
  • Scalis
  • Corgul
  • Charybdis
  • Merchant Ship Crews
  • Plunderbeacons
  • Dread Pirates

Visit the Sea Market to exchange Plunderin’ Pirate Hats for rewards,

Reward costs are temporary, and final reward costs will be set with World Wide Release

  • Returning Rewards
    • Wildfire Lantern
    • Balron Bone Armor
    • Mark of the Destroyer
    • Ranger’s Cloak of Augmentation
  • New Rewards
    • Corsair’s Insignia – Talisman Artifact
    • Libram of the Stormy Seas – Spellbook Artifact
    • Blackheart Baubles – Gargish Earring Artifact
    • Fortune’s Visage – Orc Helm Artifact
    • Sea Tempest’s Bulwark – Skull Shield Artifact
    • Genesis Gem – allows magical transformation of the Triton to the Lava Lizard body type

Ultima Store

  • Shrouded Sails Ship Dyes – 6 new premium ship dyes available!

Misc Updates

  • Hit property “Sparks” no longer triggers on special moves.
  • Descriptions can no longer be set for the following vended items: Powerscrolls, Scrolls of Transcendence (SoTs), Scrolls of Alacrity (SoAs), Mastery Primers, and Veteran Reward Shard Transfer Tokens.

PVP Updates

Resolved Issues:
-Fixed an issue where Shuriken & Darts could bypass the throw timer.

Gameplay Changes:
-Removed the ability to evade damage for oneself.

Visual Updates:
-Explosion potions now display an animation when targeting.

Spell and Ability Adjustments:
-Casting teleport from a ring now inflicts a 1-second paralysis effect.

PvP Balancing:
-Increased diminishing returns for Evasion mechanics with each successful parry in PvP.
-The following spells and potions now apply an additional diminishing returns debuff against Evasion in PvP:

  • Necromancy Spells: Wither, Poison Strike.
  • Magery Spells: Meteor Swarm, Chain Lightning, Earthquake, Fire Field, Poison Field.
  • Mysticism Spells: Hail Storm, Nether Cyclone, Nether Blast.
  • Spellweaving Spells: Wildfire, Essence of Wind, Thunderstorm.
  • Potions: Explosion, Conflagration, Supernova.

TC Release 3 Notes

  • Increased the resists on the Fortune’s Visage to 15%
  • Resolved issue where the Plunderplucker could erroneously be assigned multiple super-slayers
  • Resolved issue where erroneous mouseover text could be seen on the Greenhouse
  • Resolved issue where some types of plants could not be stored in the Greenhouse
  • Increased the drop chance of Plunderin’ Pirate Hats in SoS & Treasure Chests and reduced streakiness
  • Increased the drop chance of Plunderin’ Pirate Hats on Scalis, Corgul, and Charybdis and reduced streakiness
  • Resolved issue where pirates were erroneously spawning outside the Void Pool in Covetous