Publish 116

Publish 116

116.0TC Release 19/15/2023
116.0World Wide9/21/2023

26th Anniversary Rewards [Phase 116.0]

  • All veteran characters 30-days or older logging in between Friday, September 1, 2023 12:01:00 AM GMT-04:00 and Sunday, October 15, 2023 11:59:00 PM GMT-04:00 will receive a 26th anniversary gift bag
  • The bag will contain a 26th Anniversary card from a member of the Dev, GM, or EM team as well as a token to redeem a collectible wall poster
  • Wall posters showcase box art from all Ultima & Ultima Online releases over the years
  • The older the game, expansion, or booster’s release date – the more rare it is to obtain

Miscellaneous Updates


  • Added debuff icon for nerve strike


Classic Client –

Enhanced Client –