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Bless deeds can be used on a variety of items to ensure they will not be lost when a character dies, without the need to insure the item. There are three distinctive types of bless deeds in the game, they are:

The Clothing Bless Deed

First encountered as a Christmas gift in 1999 these later became a reward for completing Tailor Bulk Orders when that system entered the game in November 2016, Publish 14. A clothing bless deed can be used to permanently bless an item of clothing. On Siege Perilous or Mugen shard the item to be blessed must have no magical properties.

The Item Bless Deed

These were a reward for cleaning up Britannia, initially in the 1999 Clean Up Britannia event and later in Publish 72, September 2011 when Clean up Britannia became a permanent feature of the game,. However the item bless deeds were removed from the reward list in publish 78, August 2012. These deeds can be used on any equipable armor or weapon with the exception of items that change their function such as torches or candles.

The Personal Bless Deed

This ‘Early Settler’ reward was issued to all characters logging in during the first 18 days following the launch of the Age of Shadows expansion.

When used the item will show the label ‘Blessed for [name]’. The same criteria for what can be blessed apply as for the other two deed types.

Unlike the other two deeds the personal bless deed can be removed from an item and re-applied to another. Initially these deeds could only be used on the named character that originally claimed it, but a later change made them useable by any character on the same account, however the bless must be removed by the named character.

To remove the deed the item must be in the character’s back pack, and not on the paper doll. A right click on the item will then provide a context menu “unbless item”. Clicking on this menu will return the deed to the back pack which can now be used on a different item.

Warning: Shard transfers may break the link between the character and the blessed item, no longer recognising it as the same character. It is therefore advisable, if transferring a character that has a blessed item to remove the bless and retain the deed in the bank or back pack, re-applying the bless at the destination or leaving the deed behind, and not transferring it.

Siege Bless

Not a deed, but included for completeness. Players on the Siege Perilous or Mugen shard can “Siege Bless” one item of any kind at a time. Use the character context menu (left-click on your character,) select the option, then target the item to be blessed. The blessed item will remain with your character when you die, rather than remaining on your corpse, and cannot be stolen. Unlike a bless deed, Siege bless is not fixed, using the context menu and targeting a different item will transfer the bless to it