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Something isn’t quite right this Spring…collectors across the realm have reeled at the fact counterfeit curiously adorned eggs have hit the market! While the source of these fakes has yet to be determined, there is a concerted effort to rid the world of these erroneous eggs!

Evidence suggests that one source is the minions of the Putrid Swamp Bog.

This dreadful creature has appeared in Central Ilshenar, adventurers battling its forces are finding counterfeit eggs falling into their packs.

These forces consist of:

  • Alligator and Bogling
  • Forest Ostard and Giant Serpent
  • Dread Spider and Mud Pie
  • Scorpion and Skree

Those who have taken part in the entire battle may, upon the death of the Putrid Swamp Bog find they have received an interesting piece of footwear, Bogling Hide Mukluks . (note: the gargoyle Mukluks have a new graphic, while human/elf Mukluks can be altered by a tailor, they will convert into the normal talons graphic and not the new style)

  • Weight 1 stone
  • Strength Bonus 2
  • Dexterity Bonus 2
  • Intelligence Bonus 2
  • Strength Requirement 10
  • Durability 255/255

An Enterprising individual seems to have appeared to take advantage of this phenomenon

Missed out on last year’s egg frenzy? No worries! Trader Sam has got your back! Thanks to a well timed botanical coincidence and a fortunate stroke of rabbit luck, you too can own your very own curiously adorned eggs! Have too many? Visit one of Trader Sam’s staff conveniently located in the Britain Commons to get your, 100%, completely legitimate, never been used decorations and equipment today! Act now, supplies are limited!

What do rabbits have to do with it? Seems they too have some of these counterfeit eggs

Green thorns planted in fields during the months of April & May will spawn  a miniaturized version of the Alchemist’s Abomination!

⦁ Each of the top 3 contributors have a chance to acquire a Counterfeit Egg, with luck assisting that chance
⦁ There is also a chance an extra egg can be found on the corpse of the rabbit
⦁ Counterfeit Eggs can be turned into the Counterfeit Commodities Trader at the Britain Commons for rewards.

Beware, not only are the eggs counterfeit, so are the rewards!  Will a counterfeit glowing chrysalis give as beautiful a butterfly as the Lepidopterist gave? Will a counterfeit Masterfully grafted sapling be as masterfully done as Horticulturist produced and will an Eodonian Parrot Egg produce a parrot to match those of the Eodonian Parrot Breeder? Rewards are all shard bound and counterfeit. Those that have appeared in earlier events are linked to that event and have matching stats with some exceptions, noted.

The Rewards