Spring Fever (Spring 2022)

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Citizens in a frenzy as curiously adorned objects have begun appearing across the land!

The Town Crier carries this worrying news:

Reports are coming in from across the land! Multiple sightings of small curiously adorned eggs are being discovered! These eggs have intricate designs and are colored quite extravagantly. No one knows exactly where these are coming from, but collectors are going wild for them!

We also have unconfirmed sightings of colorful creatures spotted wandering about! Could these creatures be responsible for the mysterious eggs appearing? The Town Crier has reached out to local wildlife experts at the Moonglow Zoo, who had this to say:

“It’s quite astonishing! These animals appear to be of the Leporidae family but are unlike any we have ever seen before. In fact, you would thing they were Monotreme with the behavior we have observed! We are still examining samples and unfortunately do not have any additional information at this time.”

It seem these creatures have even baffled our most knowledgeable Zoologlists! Are they friendly? Are they dangerous? Only time will tell!

Despite the mystery surrounding these animals and objects, citizens are throwing caution to the wind and grabbing as many of them as they can!

True enough, there are strange eggs, mostly around farms, clicking one tells you:

Taking the egg to Moonglow Zoo we find Phoebe the assistant Zoologist who responds to the usual ‘greetings’. The conversation with Phoebe, repeating back to her the capitalised words, goes like this:


Welcome to the Moonglow Zoo. The Curator is quite busy right now with all the excitement since the recent DISCOVERY. Let me know if there is anything I can assist you with. (Discovery)
Yes, it’s been the talk of the Town! STRANGE rabbits have been sighted wandering around the land, seemingly to have appeared out of nowhere! (strange)
The strange part is not that they are rabbits, but the COLORS they appear to have! It really is astonishing. We’ve not seen anything like it before! (colors)
Yes, quite extraordinary if I do say so. We have some here at the zoo that we are STUDYING. They were generously given to us by Trapper KARL outside the Ranger’s Guild in Skara Brae. (studying)
They are quite remarkable, aren’t they? They have also been laying EGGS even more colorful than they are! It defies all logic, as rabbits should not be able to lay eggs at all!(eggs)
Yes, *points around area*, you can see examples of some of the ones we have recovered so far, who knows how many varieties exist! If you find any, please let me see them, I’d love to catalogue all the colors. I promise I’ll give them back! (karl)
You should speak with Karl if you want to learn more. You can find him outside the Ranger’s Guild on the outskirts of Skara Brae. 

At this point it seems a good idea to give her the egg
Wow! Look at how colorful this one is! We’ve seen so many different types come through, but we’re not closer to understanding why these animals are laying these eggs. You know I bet NOREEN would love the colors on this one! (Noreen)
She grows such wonderful plants and flowers, and just happens to be my NIECE! She is so talented, you should just see some of the plants she grows.(Niece) Yes, such a sweet girl. She has recently set up a small shop over in NEW MAGINCIA. It seems like the perfect spot to attract fellow plant lovers.

The conversation with Karl reveals more:


Hello! Quite something aren’t they? These RABBITS have started appearing around the forests in the most unusual colors. (rabbits)
Quite peculiar if I do say so. I don’t know the reason behind the mutations, but I have sent several SPECIMENS over to the Moonglow zoo for study. (specimens)
They are really quite docile still. Even the most novice Animal Tamer should be able to coax one into following them. Just be on the lookout for EGGS left behind. (eggs)
Yes, perhaps the most unusual part of this is that these rabbits appear to be laying eggs
Even more peculiar is that I have observed other ANIMALS being drawn towards these eggs and picking them up off the ground and taking them somewhere. (animals)

We have sent a group of SCOUTS to investigate further and try to track where and why these animals are taking these eggs. (scouts)
The last I heard they were tracking the animals down the road somewhere far to the North.

He was not exaggerating when he said they were far to the North! It is quite a distance to where Severina, the scout, can be found, you might even pick up an egg or two along the way, or even find a colorful rabbit.


*Severina briefly looks in your direction and nods slightly in acknowledgement* Pardon my manners, but I am monitoring a developing SITUATION right now and must remain focused. (situation)
We have been tracking unusual animal behavior in the area. Forest creatures have been appearing in droves, all seemingly MIGRATING to the same area up in the nearby mountains. (migrating)
Even stranger, a lot of these animals appear to be carrying incredibly colorful eggs with them. We’ve tried to capture some of the animals, but their desire to reach the mountains is incredibly strong, almost as if they were in a TRANCE. (trance)
Yes, it almost seems magical in nature. The proximity to Wind and the possibility of this being intentional was not lost on us. My partner when into the mountains to try to reach WIND and learn more, but I have not heard back from them. (wind)
Whether intentional or not, the mages of Wind may be able to shed some light on what’s occurring. I cannot leave my post, but you seem very capable. If you are willing, investigate the mountains near Wind to see if you can learn more!

Navigating the tunnels towards Wind entrance reveals a worrying discovery

That will have to be explored later. Finally arriving at Wind entrance



Well met! Were you the one responsible for driving back the vicious CREATURES looming in these mountains? If so, thank you! (creatures)
Normally us denizens of Wind wouldn’t pay any mind to what is occurring in these mountains, as we have strong magical safeguards for entering our sanctum. However, these animals seemed to have a strange MAGICAL essence to them. (magical)
It is of great concern, as it nearly allowed these creatures to breach our magical safeguards and enter Wind! If you recover any magical samples from these creatures, please bring them to me so that we may investigate further.

That would be one of those eggs picked up while looking for the scout, give it to him.

Amazing! The magic flowing from this egg is astonishing! This came from one of those animals? That is most concerning, normal animals shouldn’t have anywhere near this level of magic INFUSION in them. (infusion)
*begins casting a spell on the egg* No… it cannot be! This magic bears the mark of none other than RELVINIAN! (Relivinian)
We need to investigate at once and make sure nothing more sinister is afoot! I need to discuss these events with the Council of Mages. You should make haste and investigate Relvinian’s old workshop for any clues as to what is behind this.

Newer Sosarians may be unaware, but Relvinian’s workshop is in the center of the Hedge Maze. Near to the workshop are now a large number of strange mushrooms, one considerably bigger than the rest. When double clicked, a piece of this giant fungi is placed in your back pack (shard bound, lifespan 2 days). In turn, when the piece is double clicked, you learn more about it. Take an extra, just in case.

Now where in Ilshenar would you look for a mushroom expert? In the mushroom cave by Twisted Weald of course.


Oh, hello there! Forgive me, I really wasn’t expecting to run into anyone in here. I’m a Mycologist, which in layman’s terms simply means I study MUSHROOMS! (mushrooms)
Fungi of any sort really! This cave is full of interesting specimens. If you happen to find any unique or exotic looking mushrooms in your travels, please bring them to me, I’d love to see them!

Give Leland one of the pieces of the large mushroom

Wow! Look at that mushroom! It certainly is on of the most peculiar specimens I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure! Wait, what is that GLOW…  (glow)
I can’t quite place it… it… almost seems MAGICAL and most definitely unnatural. You should take it to the LYCAEUM in Moonglow and see if they can learn more about it. (Lycaeum)
Look for an old friend of mine Varioso. Knowing him, he will be deep in study somewhere, but if anyone can figure this out it will be him! Tell him LELAND sent you.


Hmm? My apologies, I didn’t see you come in. I unfortunately don’t have time for pleasantries right now as I’m quite busy with research (lelend)
Did that crazy old hermit send you here? I was just thinking about him recently, as we could really use his help studying strange MUSHROOMS that have been appearing. (mushrooms)
It would seem as if you have found these mushrooms too if you were sent here by Leland. Please let me see any samples you may have collected.

Give Varioso the second piece of mushroom

The magic essence emanating from this mushroom is incredible! The signature matches that of samples we have collected across the land in various places. This is most likely the source of the INFECTION spreading through creatures. (infection)
It appears as if the magic is being spread by mushroom spores and creatures are behaving as if they have a viral infection. The EFFECTS vary from creature to creature. (effects)
The worst of which appears to be making some creatures extremely aggressive and intelligent. I fear we may be too late to formulate a cure, as large numbers of infected FEY creatures have been seen amassing together. (fey)
Ranger scouts have been seen heading towards the southern mountainous ranges on the mainland, though we do not know their intent. The Ranger’s Guild has sent a detachment to MONITOR the situation.(monitor)
I would highly suggest you meet up with them as soon as possible and see what aid you can lend before the situation gets any more dire.

Exploring the mountains to the south of the mainland finds Wolstan close to the entrance to Destard.


Halt! Do not proceed any further, it may not be SAFE! (safe)
We have been tracking an extremely large number of UNUSUAL creatures in the area. They appear to be entering the depths of Destard, but we do not know why. (unusual)
Mostly Fey creatures, which normally do not venture out this far from their groves, let alone enter such a place as DESTARD. (Destard)
We have tried sending scouts into Destard, but they are quickly driven back by extremely aggressive dragons. The little we were able to scout within Destard revealed no sign of the Fey creatures that have ENTERED. (entered)
We do not know why Fey creatures would be entering Destard, but we fear something more sinister may be afoot. We will continue to monitor the situation from here, but I strongly suggest you ready yourself as you may be called upon soon.

Nothing more to do for a while then, time to get back to following up on Phoebe’s suggestion to visit her niece in Magincia.

Several other collectors of these phenomenon have been identified in addition to Noreen in New Magincia, in Moonglow, Eodon and, surprisingly, in a small house in the Hedge Maze. There are also rumours of a fourth collector who is enroute, but not expected to arrive until later in the season.

In Magincia, at the Magincia Garden, the Horticulturist stands

Noreen requires 3 Curiously Adorned Eggs, for which she will give you A Masterfully Grafted Sapling

In Moonglow, near the Lyceum, find the Monk of Virtues.

The monk requires you to collect 25 Curiously Adorned Eggs, for which he will reward you with a Candle of Virtue.


In Eodon, not too far from the Vicious Macaws, you will find the Eodonian Parrot Breeder

This strange person asks you for 20 Curiously Adorned Eggs in exchange for An Eodonian Parrot Egg.

In the Hedge Maze, in a house not far from the Skara road, you will find the Lepidopterist

He asks only 5 Curiously Adorned Eggs in exchange for a glowing chrysalis

Finally, arrive later than the others, the Curio Collector has set up his stall just outside Destard

He requires 10 Curiously Adorned Eggs for which he will give you Ingots of Fey Wrath

Returning to these collectors

Water the plant to make it grow, double click the parrot egg to hatch the parrot, then place it on a parrot perch to see it’s full plumage and double click the chrysalis to release the butterfly and maybe offer the ingots to the artifact trader Here are some examples of these rewards which come in a multiple of colors.