Spring Fever Champion Spawn

Strange happenings are abound as mysterious mushroom spores infect Fey creatures, they are drawn to the area around Wind where a champion has arisen, Artio, Goddess of Nature.

First Wave: Dire Wolves and Rabbits
Second Wave: Grizzly Bears and Treefellows
Third Wave: Saliva and Vollems
Fourth Wave:Raging Grizzly Bears and Cu Sidhe
Champion: Artio, Goddess of Nature.

Note: Saliva is a creature lured from Blighted Grove, and thus may drop special feathers. These are part of the quest to challenge Melisande, and not relevant to this event.

As you work the spawn Curiously Adorned Eggs may fall in your pack and for defeating Artio you may receive Artio’s Vine Wrap, a body sash with the following properties:

  • Weight 1 stone
  • Mana Increase 5
  • Mana Regeneration 2
  • Faster Cast Recovery 1
  • Strength Requirement 10
  • Durability 255/255