Publish 112

Worldwide Release – 2/8/2022

TC Release 1 – 1/28/2022

TC Release 2 – 2/2/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where gargoyles could not claim the Hildebrandt Shield from the Vet Reward System
  • Resolved issue where gargish shields were not valid origin targets for transmogrifying the Hildebrandt Shield

Vet Rewards

  • Monster Statuettes
    • Lion – 1 Year
    • Ossein Ram – 2 Year
    • Alchemist’s Abomination – 3 Year
  • Monster-Proof Chest
    • This non-blessed container will prevent monsters from looting the contents
    • Holds up to 8 items, 400 stones and accepts all items
    • Can be dyed using metallic dyes
    • 2 Year
  • Chalice of Pilfering Protection
    • Useable once every 24 hours to provide 2 hours of protection against monster looting
    • 2 Year
  • Autoloom
    • This house-addon allows the direct conversion of flax, cotton, and wool into bolts of cloth
    • Requires a minimum of 5 resources to begin processing
      • 5 Flax -> 6 bolts of cloth
      • 5 Wool -> 3 bolts of cloth
      • 5 Cotton -> 6 bolts of cloth
    • Double click the machine and target resources to begin processing
    • Can be dyed with regular, furniture, pigment, and promo dyes
    • 5 Year
  • Map Charter
    • This house-addon powertool will store up to 5000 mapmaker’s pen charges.
    • Can be turned on/off by context menu
    • 7 Year
  • Potion Vat
    • Holds up to 10 types of potion kegs
    • Holds up to 10 of each type, for a total of 100 potion kegs
    • Open and close the vat by double clicking
    • Add kegs via context menu
    • Remove kegs via context menu & accompanying gump
    • Only accepts full potion kegs
    • Can be engraved using the wooden container engraving tool
    • Can be dyed using the furniture dye tub
    • 10 Year
  • Hildebrandt Shield
    • As special recognition for unprecedented support of Britannia, this account-bound shield is available for claim and use by accounts 25 years old or more.
    • 30 % chance to flame strike a mob on successful parry and a 5% chance to flame strike unsuccessful parry, does not proc against other players or pets.
    • Valid destination target for transmogrification potions
    • Invalid origin target for transmogrification
    • Can be dyed with natural, metallic and promotional dyes
    • Can be repaired via blacksmithy
    • Will display an informative gump when double clicked
    • 25 Year
  • Vet Reward Title
    • Founding Citizen of Britannia
    • Available via the titles menu to accounts 25+ years old
    • 25 Year

Valentine’s Day Reward

Who loves you? The UO Team!

  • The Royal Taste Tester Suit of Armor
  • Available February 14, 2022 through March 2, 2022 via reward giver
  • Provides a “Friendship Rose” once per week
  • Available in 5 common and 1 rare colors
  • Keep an eye on and the patch screen for location updates!

Misc Updates

  • Reduce the house teleporter refresh cooldown from 7 days to 1 day.
  • Resolved update issue with the Siamese Cat style mailbox.
  • Spirituality buff targeting now follows standard beneficial target requirements based on facet rules.
  • The reflect physical damage item property now properly reflects all physical damage received within a one tile range.
  • Dead pets under the effects of a pet costume will revert back to their last costume automatically when they are resurrected
  • Added The Heorot, The Township, and The Castle of the Resistance to the house placement tool
  • Improved server performance for several monster AIs

Classic Client

  • Increased max ignore list cap from 20 to 80.