Publish 115

Publish 115

Veteran Rewards

  • Monster Statuettes
    • Pixie – 2 Year
    • Sand Vortex – 3 Year
    • Moloch – 5 Year
  • BG’s Fishing Pole – 2 Year
    • Prevents the fisherman from fishing up any kind of footwear
  • Guild Flag – 4 Year
    • Fly your favorite guild flag! Change the type by accessing the items context menu
  • Salvage Station – 7 Year
    • Allows salvaging metal, cloth, and leather without the need for tools or additional house addons
    • Specific skills are still required to maximize returned resources
  • Ethereal Frost Mite Mount – 10 Year
    • Cannot be used with retouching tool, defaults to normal hue
  • Refinement Generator – 11 Year
    • Generates random refinement precursors up to Fortified once per week, and stores up to 8 refinements

Valentine’s Day Stuffys

  • Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge themed stuffys to celebrate the season of love!
    • Lord Blackthorn, Dasha, Queen Dawn

Counterfeit Commodities

Something isn’t quite right this Spring…collectors across the realm have reeled at the fact counterfeit curiously adorned eggs have hit the market!  While the source of these fakes has yet to be determined, there is a concerted effort to rid the world of these erroneous eggs!

  • Green thorns planted in fields during the months of April & May will spawn a miniaturized version of the Alchemist’s Abomination!
  • Each of the top 3 contributors have a chance to acquire a Counterfeit Egg, with luck assisting that chance
  • There is also a chance an extra egg can be found on the corpse of the rabbit
  • Counterfeit Eggs can be turned into the Counterfeit Commodities Trader at the Britain Commons for rewards



  • Auction Safe Update: Players must now wait five minutes between starting new auctions

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where display on Imbuing Reagent & Refinement resource producing house addons would not update.  To resolve this issue axe & replace the house addon.