Virtue versus Vice Sigil locations

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Below are sigil locations, sigils can only be found when the icon on the battle status gump is lit. It’s an easy assumption that when the sigil lights it will stay lit till the sigil is found and returned; this is not so, you must watch the icon, it sometimes goes off again shortly after it lights.

Priests only spawn when the sigil is stolen and disappear when it is returned. They are not always easy to find; though always in the same general area they can spawn inside nearby buildings. Where a sigil spawns near a lamp post the post can block detection, you must be on the same side of the post in order to find the sigil. This is noticeable on Brit dock and at Trinsic bank. There is no sequence to sigil spawn, they can spawn randomly in any of the locations, sometimes not appearing at one of the locations for several battles and sometimes spawning multiple times in the same spot.

With thanks to friends on Siege and Europa, notably Lore Denin, Tinkz, Nonel, Miruna and Lucy of Kenton.


One, or both, priests may sometimes spawn in the Jeweler’s shop


Three locations only in Jhelom



Three locations in Moonglow, location shown with a red X invalid on some shards, so removed after test center.


Three locations in Occlo

Skara Brae

One, or both, priests may sometimes spawn in the tavern or ranger’s guild.


One, or both, priests may sometimes spawn in the bank.


The sigil which is not inside a building spawns at the foot of a large Yew tree.