Tears of the Ice Dragon

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As Purlonio’s larcenous intentions free the dragons from The Locket of Winter Ice dungeon becomes even more dangerous than usual, with the occupants no longer confined to their usual areas, but wandering throughout the dungeon and having gained the ability to spawn as paragons.

Discovering that these enhanced occupants have interesting artifacts to bestow on adventurers an artifact trader has taken up a post outside the dungeon offering a variety of good in exchange for these artifacts, figures in brackets below are the number of artifacts the trader requires in exchange. Her trade goods include:

  • Snowy Hedge (short) (5)
  • Snowy Hedge (tall) (10)
  • Tear of the Ice Dragon (20)
  • Locket of Winter (25)
    • Ice Slayer
    • Giant Ice Worm Summoner
  • Unfinished Table Legs (50)
  • Drogeni’s Spell Book
    • Magery +20
    • Enhanced Potions 25%
    • Defense Chance Increase 15%
    • Spell Damage Increase 15%
    • Faster Cast Recovery 3
    • Faster Casting 1
    • 64 Spells