Concluding a Play Session

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Your play session is at an end and you must return to the real world. How do you ensure your character’s safety until you can play again?

How to Conclude the Session

Leave the game using the ‘log out’ option rather than the ‘exit’, this will save any changes you have made to your play screen ‘desktop’, any settings you have changed from default and any macros you have created. The Exit command does not do this.

Where to Conclude the Session

Once young status is lost you must take more precautions, insta-log i.e. instant removal from the game world, will only take place in a ‘safe’ location and provided the character is not combat flagged. A character logged off elsewhere will remain in game for a period of five minutes, during this time the character will be vulnerable to attack from hostile beings and no other character on the account will be able to be logged in. If the character has hit, or been hit by, a monster you must wait till combat wears off, two minutes, before logging. Failure to do so will cause the character to remain in game the full five minute period, even if you are in a ‘safe’ location.

Safe locations where you will insta-log are the cities’ inns, your house if you have one, or any player’s house where you have been granted ‘friend’ or ‘co-owner’ status.