The Citadel – Route Finder

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Entrance to the Citadel is gained by double clicking the crate found at the fisherman’s hut on Isamu-Jima

You will find yourself in a garden.



This map shows the areas of the dungeon. Hidden doors are marked with red dots, the blue dots are traps.
Dot a is a trap door dropping you at point b (ouch!). Point c teleports you to point d, a short cut to the dungeon foyer.


Walk into the building and find a red, trapped switch on the West wall. Double click the switch to unlock the door, then double click the hidden door.

The red dot in area 1 of the map represents the door you just came through. Walk to the stairs. The stairs leading up go to area 3, point A. Take the stairs down to area 2. This is the spawning point of the Serpent’s Fang High Executioner. He has the yellow key.
When you have the key return up the stairs and use the teleporter between the staircases to return to the garden.

The second door is in the North wall, but the switch to unlock it is on the West wall (far right of the picture). This door leads to area 4. Go up the stairs to area 5 and through the door. Area 6 is the spawn point for the Tiger Claw Master Thief. He has the blue key.
When you have the key use the teleporter in the top corner of the room to return to the garden.





The third door is in the south corner of the garden.This door leads to area 7, go up the stairs to arrive in area 3 at point B. Turn East and then North, keeping to the West side of the corridor to avoid traps. At the end of the corridor turn West and go to point C, exit through the door hidden in the south walldoor5

You will find yourself in area 8, follow the corridor round and go down the stairs, then down the staircase that is area 9.

Make your way through area 10 to the room with the hidden door in the East wall (marked with the red dot). This is the spawning point of the Dragon’s Flame Grand Mage. He has the red key. When you have the key exit through the door


Finally walk through area 11 and up the stairs to arrive in the garden, at the key table. On your return journey take the branch in area ten to access the hidden teleporter c, marked in blue, for a short cut back to the entrance.