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<a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-4270 alignleft" src="" alt="scroll_binder" width="29" height="29" /></a>Scroll binders are used to bind low level scrolls into a scroll of the same type, but of a higher value. They can be used to bind power scrolls, stat scrolls and scrolls of transcendence. Made by a scribe from Woodpulp these items are cursed. To use the binder, double click it and target the scroll you wish to bind with it. Once one scroll is bound, the binder will show the type of scroll bound, the number bound and the total number required to complete it. A completed binder becomes transformed into the next level scroll of the same type. <h4>Power Scrolls</h4> Power scrolls are bound as follows: <ul> <li>8 x 105 scrolls = 1 x 110 scroll</li> <li>12 x 110 scrolls = 1 x 115 scroll</li> <li>10 x 115 scrolls = 1 x 120 scroll</li> </ul> <h4>Stat Scrolls</h4> Stat Scrolls are bound as follows: <ul> <li>6 x +5 scrolls = 1 x +10 scroll</li> <li>8 x +10 scrolls = 1 x +15 scroll</li> <li>8 x +15 scrolls = 1 x +20 scroll</li> <li>5 x +20 scrolls = 1 x +25 scroll</li> </ul> <h4>Combining Binders</h4> Partially filled binders of the same type can be combined by double clicking one and targeting the other. Power and stat scrolls are not lost if the combined total exceeds the requirement, for example combining a '105 imbuing 5/8' and a '105 imbuing 4/8' gave a +10 imbuing power scroll and a binder '105 imbuing 1/8' <h4>Scrolls of Transcendence</h4> These scrolls are bound slightly differently. Players can bind SoTs to 2.0 or 5.0 skills <ul> <li>If player adds SoTs to the exact value of 2.0, binder becomes a 2.0 SoT</li> <li>If player binds beyond 2.0, binder continues to add to 5.0</li> <li>If player attempts to bind beyond 5.0, he receives a warning pts will be lost</li> <li>Players cannot use an empty binder on a 2.0 SoT</li> <li>Players can combine a 2.0 SoT to a partially filled binder</li> </ul> (Publish 60 allowed binding up to 10.00, the ability to bind to this level was removed publish 61) &nbsp;

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