Anvil of Artifacts

Exceptional resist bonus,including the additional boost from armslore, is normally randomly applied across the item you are crafting. Anvil of Artifacts allows you to control where those resists are applied – at a cost. The regular material costs are increase by a factor of 10. ie, leather gloves will use 30 leather instead of 3.  The item has 15 charges, has a toggled off/on sparks animation and will  remain as deco when the charges expire.

The interface requires 2 sets of figures, exceptional bonus and runic exceptional bonus – both sets must be completed, even if not using runic crafting. When crafting with a runic tool the resulting armor is still subject to random magic item properties.

The example below is the interface as seen by a legendary crafter with GM armslore.

Crafting the leather gloves described above, with the figures set for the anvil, and made in barbed leather gives the following result:

Resist Base Property Anvil-set Material Bonus Final Result
Physical 2 5 3 10
Fire 4 5 2 11
Cold 3 2 3 8
Poison 3 3 3 9
Energy 3 5 5 13

Select the tool you intend to use, either normal or runic, click the anvil, select ok, The anvil will generate a system message if its influence is in effect, then craft the item . For each item crafted double click the anvil before crafting. If you are unsure whether your crafting is being affected, or you think you may have missed the system message, check the materials page of your crafting gump. Crafting while under the influence of the anvil will show the increased material useage, there will also be, on clicking the anvil, an option to remove the effect.