Heigel’s Research Notes

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Heigel's Research Notes
<h3>Research Notes</h3> <i>These notes are contained in the pile of books, and individual books seen here:</i> <a href="https://uo.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/sh-ob-research.jpg"><img class="size-full wp-image-14516 aligncenter" src="https://uo.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/sh-ob-research.jpg" alt="" width="209" height="196" /></a> The power of Theurgy is one granted by the Titan Stratos, this much I have learned from my studies of Pagan magics. What interests me most, however, is the recent events in the City of Minoc. It would seem that whilst digging there a group of miners uncovered what few have seen, but many are calling a most peculiar artifact! I can only guess they miners have located a hidden focus of Theurgy. Alas, without intervention I fear the miners may be trapped long after their supplies run out and the secrets of their discovery will be lost to time... <hr /> In Britannian parlance Necromancy is a school of magic exclusively associated with the undead, brought to Britannia by the Necromancers of Umbra and the Age of Shadows. As it would seem, however, Pagan too has harnessed the power to control the undead, but in a most peculiar manner! Instead of controlling the beyond directly, Pagan Necromancy draws its power from Lithos - the great titan of earth! It is fitting that we return to the dusts of earth in our demise and the seismic rumblings in Skara Brae are certainly responsible for the undead there. Giving them peace is the only way, I have found, to possibly return them from whence they came and quiet the Skaran coastline... <hr /> The power to destroy is a tenet of Britannian Magery, and it would seem the origins of this magic have roots in Pagan Sorcery! I have read much of Pyros, the bringer of destruction, the vile and towering fire daemon from whence the power of Sorcery originates! The recent fires in Britain only support my hypothesis that a great daemon has descended upon the quiet countryside there. What bothers me though, is the proximity of Britain to a source of great fire - for there is none, and were a daemon of sufficient destructive nature to land in Britannia my assumptions would only lead me to believe it would be a location brimming with the fiery powers of creation from deep within the planet's core. Alas mastering Sorcery requires extremely precise placement of reagents and candles around a pentagram, before the focus is conjured in the center. While I have not been able to discern the precise location of the candles for any spells, I have done significant research on the Summon Perihelion reagent locations. It seems obsidian is the foundation of the power of the perihelion, while daemon bone is rightly placed at the aphelion. The positions of pumice and ash are still unknown to me... <hr /> Little is known of Tempestry, yet the power of Hydros is written of extensively as told to me by Mythran. What is known, however, is the recent floods in Vesper are no doubt the result of an unsettled and disturbed soul searching for something once lost. Finding it may be the only course to see the flood waters recede there...

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