Legends “Gold Diggers” Defend Treasure Hunt Championship

     So just what happened at the Legends vs. Lake Superior T-hunt challenge?

     Legends’ defending champions, the Gold Diggers were geared up and ready to rock and roll!  You could tell this was a team prepared for anything.  Well almost anything as would soon been seen, but I’m getting ahead of myself… The Gold Diggers members included, Hawk Eye, Casper, InViSiBlE, Bulldog, and Nadalia.

     Lake Superior’s team drifted in, no team color, no name and one or two of their members had been recruited only an hour or two before.  Did any of this bother them?  Not in the least!  They were here to battle for their shard, and they intended to win!  Their newly acquired team name reflected their attitude; team Awesome Sauce.  The members of this team were, Taeara Mi’aken, Rockhound, Draken, All Mighty, and Kalina.

     Introductions made, rules read and it was game on!  Both teams were off like a shot, but Murphy and his law of ‘what can go wrong, will go wrong’ always seems to come into play during the first few maps. 

     For Lake Superior’s Awesome Sauce, it was finding that first chest.  Dig here, dig there, dig dig dig.  Where’s the chest?? 

     Legends’ Gold Diggers had no problems with map one.  It was map two when Murphy showed himself.  The Gold Diggers decoded the map, and then realized they didn’t have a rune to the general location of the chest.  There was only one way they would be able to get to the chest – by boat.  Did any of them have a boat?  No.  So off they went on a shopping spree in Luna.

     This allowed Lake Superior’s Team Awesome Sauce to catch up and get ahead (slightly) of Legends’ Gold Diggers.  But Murphy wasn’t done yet.  Lake Superior’s team Awesome Sauce was his next victim. 

     With map three completed the team Awesome Sauce is waiting to trade the completed map for the next map.  Their t-hunter had one problem, ‘I lost the map!’  The verdict was passed down to give the team the new map and let them go.  ‘Take the map and go!’ The trade window drops.  ‘Take the map and go!’  By then the t-hunter had found the completed map and drops it into the trade window, maps exchanged, they were off!

     The two teams were now neck and neck right to the very end when Legends’ team Gold Diggers gated in and sat down a mere 35 seconds – that’s right, seconds before Lake Superior’s team Awesome Sauce.

     Congratulations to Legends’ team Gold Diggers the winners of this t-hunt match!  And to Lake Superior’s team Awesome Sauce, a job well done!