Publish 75 comes to TC1


Here are the publish notes to accompany publish 75 coming to TC1. Read and enjoy!

Publish 75.0.0


Global Arc

Acts 3 and 4 for the awakening have been completed.  Please keep an eye on your Town Criers for upcoming news.  Continue on with this quest and you too can have your own heirlooms.  As always watch the herald for future fiction.

Clean up Britannia – 4 new dyes

  • Glossy Fuchsia
  • Deep Blue
  • Vibrant Seagreen
  • Murky Amber

Faction Score System

  • All faction scores will be reset to 0
  • All Faction members will return to Rank 1
  • Faction score now decays at a rate of 1% (rounded down) of score per day. Scores of 199 or below will decay 1 point per day. Scores of 200 to 299 lose 2 points per day, etc..
  • Players with 0 Faction score will always be assigned Rank 1 and are no longer counted in Faction membership totals when determining the size of ranking brackets.

Faction Pet Combat Fixes

  • Faction players may now order their pets to attack member of the same faction
  • Pets will now correctly guard against attacks from same-faction players
  • If a faction player attacks the summoned creature of a member of the same faction, the summoned creature will retaliate
  • Summoned creatures will attack aggressors who are in the same faction as the summoner

Commodity Broker Fixes

  •  Commodity Brokers can now deal in brilliant amber, parrot wafers, taint, putrefaction, scourge, and all Spellweaving scrolls

  •  Commodity Brokers now identify and can trade in exceptionally crafted commodities. Any exceptional items that are “hidden” in Commodity Broker inventory will become accessible by the owner, allowing retrieval or price setting.

  •  The Commodity Broker window has been widened to better accomodate the longer commodity item names

  •  Enhanced Bandages are now named “Enhanced Bandage” instead of “Clean Bandage”

  •  Commodity Brokers now deal in Enhanced Bandages

Poison Cure Changes – Increased chance to Cure

Greater Cure Potion:

25% chance to cure lethal poison

45% chance to cure deadly poison

75% chance to cure greater poison

100% chance to cure standard and lesser poison

Cure Potion:

15% chance to cure lethal poison

30% chance to cure deadly poison

50% chance to cure greater poison

100% chance to cure standard and lesser poison

Lesser Cure Potion:

5% chance to cure lethal poison

10% chance to cure deadly poison

15% chance to cure greater poison

40% chance to cure standard poison

100% chance to cure lesser poison

Bug Fixes


  • It is no longer possible to obtain extra empty bottles by drinking Invisibility Potions
  • The Damage Eater property now counts as a property for Imbuing and Unraveling purposes. The property weight is 90%; the normal cap is 6% (this is 100% intensity), and the “overcap” maximum is 9% (150% intensity). A 9% Damage Eater counts as 135% weighted intensity.
  • Items turned in for Clean Up Britannia now only go to the Cavern of the Discarded at the intended 1% rate.
  • NPCs can no longer become Angry Rioters or Angry Protesters if they are in the Yew Prison
  • Players can no longer attack prisoners in Wrong. Monsters, however, still can attack the prisoners as they are being escorted.
  • The Britannian Ship now travels at maximum ship speed, whether it was initially placed from drydock or from a new deed.
  • Players mounts will no longer randomly become auto-stabled on login
  • Archery no longer allows players to trigger special moves on weapons with Use Best Weapon Skill

  • Potion Kegs now update their weight when used on a gardening plant

  • Brokers will no longer open the gates to their animal pens

  • Shame and Wrong loot generation now produces better quality item from tougher creatures

  • City Banner deeds can be purchased from the City Guards by those with sufficient City Loyalty

  • There are two new foundation sets in House Customization: Gothic and Board and Batten (require account entitlements)

  • Scroll of Alacrity effect will now pause when the character logs out and the timer resumes on next login

  • The Focusing Gem of Virtue Bane can no longer be used on runic hammers

  • Shame monsters now have Fame and Karma ratings more in line with their toughness

  • The Hungry Ogre no longer drops an empty bag as part of its loot 
  • Snow has been removed from Britannia
  • Reduced duration of the slow walk effect for splintering weapons to correct time of 4 seconds
  • Mobs are no longer able to bleed attack players who are in bleed attack immune forms.
  • Soul Charge properly works on the cool down period for 40 seconds.
  • Bestial Suit (Berserk Effect) Update: Players can no longer remain in stealth while in rage. Berserk timeout duration lowered to 5 seconds from 15
  • Increased natural poison resistance to 20% of the player’s poisoning skill.
  • If you are wearing Morph Earrings your elven items will not be sent to your bank upon death
  • The Dryad bow will no longer spawn with a throwing skill
  • Players have to be within 2 tiles to dress a Mannequin or vendor
  • Night Terrors will no longer teleport players  to a stuck location
  • The Binding rope is blessed now
  • The Pilots wheel will retain being blessed in deed form
  • Norton the Fisher should no longer be missing from the New Haven Docks
  • You will no longer to make exceptional Enchanted Apple.
  • If a runebook hue is 0, it will no longer be changed to default hue automatically.
  • Black dye tub will have a localized name.
  • You will be able to add “blessed” status to various hooded robes.


Classic client  7.0.24


Classic Client Patcher Update

The classic client patcher has now been updated to streamline the patching process for the Classic Client.  This change should cut down on patching errors a lot of our players have experienced.  A new installer can be found on our download page.

  • Cliloc Changes
  • Fixed client crash during the intro movie


Enhanced Client  4.0.24


Item Property Classifier

The character abilities window now features a detailed listing with descriptions of all active item properties that your character has from equipment. It also displays a detailed list of all available properties that can be displayed.

  • Fixed crash when dynamic objects or mobiles are drawn and deleted continually.
  • Cliloc Changes