Publish 79 Comes to All Shards – 11/19

We have staged Publish 79 to be released on Sunday evening, 11/18 during Maintenance for the European servers and Monday morning, 11/19  during Maintenance for the US servers.  Please note we are turning housing decay back on when this publish goes live.

For your reading pleasure, here are the completed notes:

Publish 79.0.0

New Veteran Rewards

  • 15th Year: Garden Shed House Add-On

    • Contains two secure containers that do not count towards house storage limits
    • Each container holds 125 items with no weight limit
    • The shed has standard house security settings controlling container access
    • To access the containers, stand near the door of the shed and double-click it
  • 13th Year: Exodus Statuette
  • 11th Year: Navrey Night-Eyes Statuette
  • 9th Year: Virtuebane Statuette
  • 8th Year: Davies’ Locker

    • This is based on a real-life glass top table containing a three-dimensional map of Britannia, created by Alan Davies. The table resides in the front lobby of Mythic Studios.
    • The in-game item is a house add-on that looks like the real thing.
    • Davies’ Locker can store up to 500 treasure maps and/or SOS bottles!
  • 5th Year: Metallic Leather Dye Tub
  • Moved ethereal horses to  one year, all existing horses will also be one year to ride

Holiday Gifts

  • Players will receive a gift bag on login during the month of December. This only applies to paying subscriber accounts and characters that are 30 days old or older.
  • The bag contains:

    • 3 Snow Tiles usable for house decoration
    • 3 Grass Tiles usable for house decoration
    • A Metallic Cloth Dye Tub
    • A random small decorative holiday tree: either a “winter tree”, a “festive tree”

      • And rarely, an “infested tree”. What is it infested with???
    • A card from a member of the development team

Thanksgiving Horn of Plenty

  • A new Horn of Plenty will become available through unknown means during the month of November
  • Has a maximum of 10 charges. Regains 1 charge per day during November.
  • Double-click to obtain food from it.
  • New food items:

    • Sweet Potato Pie – contains six slices of pie
    • Mashed Sweet Potatoes
    • Turducken Platter – contains eight servings of various food items, including Roast Turkey, Roast Duck, Roast Chicken, Turkey Legs, Giblet Gravy, and plates of food.
    • Basket of Rolls contains a baker’s dozen dinner rolls
  • Chance of something special happening when used outside of your house

Castle Courtyard Ownership

  • Castle owners are now able to lock down and secure objects in their castles’ courtyards

New Fortune’s Fire Casino Game – Dice Rider

  • Place three bets. The dealer rolls dice to make a five-die “poker” hand. During the course of the game, you may pull back up to two of the bets.
  • See the casino dealer for payout information and complete rules of the game.

The Exodus Encounter

Those loyal still to Minax and Mondain’s creation work fervently to rebuild the mechanical demon, in hopes of once again summoning Exodus into Britannia.

  • Visit the NPC Exodus Arch Zealot outside of what used to be Ver Lor Reg in Ilshenar to learn about how to gain the Keys to the encounter and how to perform the Summoning ritual.
  • Keys may be collected via three paths, the Warrior, the Rogue, and the Craftsman.
  • In order to perform the Ritual you must party up with those you wish to play the encounter with.  You do not need to party to acquire the keys.
  • Everyone in the party must have their own set of Keys to perform the ritual.
  • You may perform the ritual at any shrine in Trammel or Felucca, except the Chaos shrine.

    • Due to the restricted architecture of the Spirituality Shrine, a “satellite” shrine has been constructed in front of the original, use that Shrine to perform the ritual.
  • Exodus may be summoned so long as Exodus has not been killed in the last ten minutes.
  • If at any time during the Encounter Exodus’ HP drops below 60%, additional groups will not be able to join the encounter, if Exodus’ HP regen to 75%, additional groups will be able to join the encounter.
  • Players will be teleported to a random Ilshenar shrine if they opt to not leave the area within 10 minutes of Exodus’ death.  There is a two minute warning message before this happens.
  • Defeating Exodus will give a chance to receive powerful rewards:

    • Scroll of Valiant Commendation [Replica]

      • Gives the character who eats it a +5 permanent gain to maximum stats
      • Cannot be stacked with a previous Scroll of Valiant Commendation
      • If the scroll has been used it will have a “Claimed By” item property
    • Bracers of Alchemical Devastation [Replica]

      • Hit Fireball 35%
      • Mana Regeneration 4
      • Faster Cast Recover 3
      • Physical Resist 10%
      • Fire Resist 8%
      • Cold Resist 8%
      • Poison Resist 8%
      • Energy Resist 8%
      • Mage Armor
    • Hygieia’s Amulet [Replica]

      • Alchemy Bonus 10%
    • Asclepius [Replica]

      • 15% Bandage Healing Bonus
    • Clockwork Leggings (Platemail Leggings) – Imbueable

      • Dexterity Bonus 5
      • Stamina Regen 5
      • Defense Chance Increase 25%
      • Physical Resist 5%
      • Fire Resist 3%
      • Cold Resist 2%
      • Poison Resist 3%
      • Energy Resist 2%
    • Clockwork Leggings (Gargish Platemail Leggings) – Imbueable

      • Dexterity Bonus 5
      • Stamina Regen 5
      • Defense Chance Increase 25%
      • Physical Resist 8%
      • Fire Resist 6%
      • Cold Resist 5%
      • Poison Resist 6%
      • Energy Resist 5%
    • Dupre’s Sword (Viking Sword/Stone War Sword)

      • Hit Mana Drain 50%
      • Strength Bonus 10
      • Hit Chance Increase 25%
      • Swing Speed Increase 35%
      • Damage Increase 100%


Bug Fixes

  • Tinkering  Bonus  Talisman will no show the correct success rate.
  • Rioters and Protesters have left all the cities
  • Players will no longer be trapped inside the card table at the Casino
  • Raised garden beds and plants inside the bed will be deleted when a IDOC house falls after the next server maintenance.
  • Halloween masks that had one strength requirement will now display the correct requirement
  • Players can dye display cases after it has been returned to deed form and replaced.
  • Players can now dye metal chests with the metal dye tub
  • Gargoyles can now complete the Hag’s Quest
  • Artifacts obtained from the Exodus Encounter cannot have powder of fortification applied
  • The New Haven Mine has opened on the Southern Edge of the island
  • The trade window will no longer be empty when trading a tamed turkey
  • Exodus AI tweaks
  • Adjusted Combat Path key drop rate



Classic client 7.0.27

  • Cliloc Changes

Enhanced Client 4.0.27

  • Cliloc Changes

Exposed the following functions to LUA for Enhanced Client Custom UI:


Plays a game sound.


type (int) The type of sound: ambient = 0, action =1
id  (int) The id of the sound file to play
x (int) The x coordinate of the target location.
y (int) The y coordinate of the target location.
(int) The z coordinate of the target location. 


Nil  No return value


PlaySoundByID( 1, 23, WindowData.PlayerLocation.x, WindowData.PlayerLocation.y, WindowData.PlayerLocation.z)



Returns the distance in tiles from the target to the player


Id (int) The id of the target used to measure distance


distance (number) The numbers of tiles from the player


local distanceFromPlayer = GetDistanceFromPlaye(WindowData.CurrentTarget.TargetId)


Returns the terrain type id on the given coordinates


x (int) The x coordinate of the target location.
y (int) The y coordinate of the target location.
Z (int) The z coordinate of the target location.


type (number) The terrain type id of the tile at the given location.


local terrainType = GetTerrainType(WindowData.PlayerLocation.x, WindowData.PlayerLocation.y, WindowData.PlayerLocation.z)