Publish 88.3

Ultima Online

Greetings Everyone,

Below are the issues we have fixed for publish 88.3.  This publish will be during your next regular scheduled maintenance cycle.  All Japanese shards will receive it this afternoon during their maintenance cycles.

I would also like to point out that if you place and raise or lower the new house add ons with goza mats etc they will break.  If you do this and axe any part of these items you will break the item,  we are not replacing these if that occurs.  If you do axe one of these items and it is not raised please do not destroy both halves, wait for a GM to come to assist you with this.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
UO Team


  • Coral the Owl can now be claimed from the Vet Reward system.
  • Minor pigments can no longer be combined with themselves.
  • A Chest has been placed near the West Britain Bank to convert non-stackable grass and snow tiles into their stackable counterparts. Grass and snow tiles must be in a container before they can be dropped inside the chest. There are four different versions of each tile, only like versions will stack.
  • The Smithing Press and Sewing Machine will no longer have their charges reset to 300 on server maintenance.
  • Fixed issue where vases were not spawning in Doom. Vases will continue to spawn for the remainder of the month of November.