Happy Valentines Day


  All Cupid statues are place on all shards except for  Mugen, Wakoku, Hokuto, Formosa, Izumo, Mizuho, Yamato, Asuka, Arirang, Balhae, and Sakura.  Those will be placed after your normal maintenace cycle today.

Greetings Everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have an issue with the new art display of the Valentine Gifts. We are putting out a new client now, as soon as everyone has the client I will start placing the statues. Sorry for the confusion and delay!


Greetings Everyone,

Starting tomorrow morning we will be patching a new client and publishing all shards so we can deliver a Valentine's Gift to everyone. Cupid will not deliver your gifts till after you regular maintenance cycles. This year we are going to do something a little different. A Red Cupid will appear somewhere in the City of Compassion, once you find it you may claim your gift. The location will be different on all shards so happy hunting.

Happy Valentines Day,
UO Team