Publish 93 Updates

Greetings everyone,

The issue stopping players from subbing their accounts  as they would normally is now resolved!

Update to the account center:

We still do not have the issue resolved but for the time being you are able to us paypal or buy game time codes from Origin to apply to the account center .   The EA cards are also another source for payment until we can get this issue resolved.


Greetings Everyone,

Due to a few critical issues with the in-game store we have changed the rules to the following:

  • You can only access the in-game store at a safe log out location such as an Inn or your house ( using the skill Camping is not considered a safe log out location).
  • Players will no longer be able to access the in-game store if the have recently been in combat

Character transfers will not be available from or to the Japanese shards until they go through maintenance this afternoon.

There is currently an issue with the account center not allowing you to confirm payment, we are looking into this issue now and will give an update when we have it resolved.

Thank you for your patience,

UO Team