Looking for New Castle Designs

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Let me see if I can’t clear up some confusion.  Please remember we have not finalized any plans as of this date but here is what we are thinking.

  1.  Castle would have the same footprint
  2. The design would still be considered a prefab house
  3. You would be able to access the design via the tool for original placement or via the house sign for a change in design.   We are still working out what happens to items inside the house so stay tuned for upcoming announcements.
  4. When you submit a design idea be very specific as to what you want.
  5. When the final 3 designs are picked we will name them after the designers in game.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion and please remember, these are subject to change the closer we get to actually putting the concept in game.

Thanks everyone and we look forward to seeing your ideas.



Greetings all,

I know we have all talked about this before but I think putting in new castle designs for our 20th year would be something great to do.  So we the team would like to have any designs from you guys.  Looking for 3 stand outs to use.  If you have any ideas or just like to design houses send them to me at Mesanna@broadsword.com.

Thanks in advance!