Publish 96 Bug Fixes

We are in the process of staging a publish that will be released tomorrow 2/22/2017 during your regular maintenance cycles.  Japanese shards will receive the changes below tonight during their scheduled maintenance.

The changes are as follows:

  1. Doom Dark father will no longer teleport himself to different locations and we  have put a cool down on the number of times he can teleport you to him.  Please remember he is still leashed so you can not remove him from the area.
  2. Putrefier will no longer spawn Elemental and their loot has been greatly reduced.
  3. All versions of Glenda will be reset to their original stats and can no longer be imbued.  Glenda’s additional damage will require 60 tactics to activate. Bone breaker will no longer activate on special abilities and while in Animal forms.
  4. Field spells can once again be cast on stone bridges.
  5. Resolved the issue where targeting mobs with magic would not work properly when you could not target the ground location.