Publish 108 Hotfixes



With each shard’s normally scheduled maintenance beginning March 31, 2020 the following hotfixes will be deployed,

  • Resolved issues with Owned By items not being able to be equipped by anyone that is not the owner.
  • Adjusted High Seas related spawn in Tokuno.  This was in response to issues with the Sleeping Dragon Champ Spawn.
  • Removed pumpkin-styling from HS content & disabled the collection of souls into soulbinders.

We are also aware of the issues related to vendor search and character transfers that have been reported.  This is due to increased demand and players online.  We will be performing upgrades on those services in the coming weeks.   Keep an eye on for updates.

We have also become aware of a number of issues related to the use of impassable objects to impact other players in the game world.  Please be aware that GMs will no longer be issuing warnings for these violations and those abusing these items will face immediate action on their accounts.  Violators will receive a 72 hour ban.  We take this very seriously and we hope by doing this the behavior stops.

See you in Britannia,

UO Team