25th Anniversary Gifts Available on TC1



We are pleased to announce 25th Anniversary Gifts are available for testing on TC1.

All veteran characters 30-days or older are eligible to receive a 25th Anniversary Gift box which includes,

25th Anniversary Card


25th Anniversary Token

The 25th Anniversary Token can be redeemed for one of the following gifts,

Silver Anniversary Shield

The shield, when double clicked, will display a stylized version of the Ultima Online Charter Edition Box art with an anniversary inscription along with a musical accompaniment of Stones. The shield also bears the inscription, September 24, 1997 – the date Ultima Online launched.

Silver Intoxicating Liquor

The skull shaped bottle, when double clicked will inebriate the imbiber. The bottle is available in 11 common and 1 rare hue.

Silver Anniversary Tome

The tome, when double clicked will display a randomized scene of Britannian landscape as well as play a musical accompaniment appropriate to the scene. The tome also bears an inscription displaying the shard name the tome was redeemed as well as the date that shard went live.