Endless Journey


Coming Spring 2018


For over 20 years Ultima Online has given thousands the ability to live in a world born of mystic arts and ancient sorcery.  Endless Journey will allow players past and present to return to Britannia and rekindle the magic of the most venerable MMO of all time!



What is Endless Journey?

Ultima Online: Endless Journey is a way for players to experience the core features of Ultima Online without a paid subscription.

Who is eligible for Endless Journey?

New accounts and previously paid veteran accounts that have been closed for at least 120 days are eligible for Endless Journey.

What do I get with Endless Journey?

Endless Journey accounts receive complementary access to all Ultima Online expansions through Stygian Abyss.  Other expansions can be purchased and applied to an Endless Journey account.  Endless Journey accounts have access to Ultima Online’s core features and can enjoy exploring Britannia, training character skills, making friendships that will last a lifetime, and much more!

What does Endless Journey cost?

Endless Journey accounts are free to access.

What kind of access to storage does an Endless Journey account have?

Previous veteran accounts have access to remove a limited amount of items from their bank box.  Endless Journey accounts have access to a vault for secure storage that can be rented for in-game gold.  Additional vault storage can be rented using tokens purchased from the Ultima Store.

What happens to my vault if I don’t pay the rent?

Vaults that become delinquent in their rent payments will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

What happens to my bank if I am a veteran account and decide to close my account?

Nothing.  Your bank will remain waiting for you until you decide to resubscribe or return as an Endless Journey account.  The contents of your bank box will never be auctioned off.  Remember though, Endless Journey accounts only have access to a limited number of items from their bank and may not add new items to it.

Can Endless Journey accounts place or use a house?

No, Endless Journey accounts may not place a house and may only enter public housing.

What are the other restrictions on an Endless Journey account?

Full restrictions are still in active development and a comprehensive list will be available as soon as it is finalized.  As of this time Endless Journey accounts will not be eligible for EM rewards, promotional, holiday, or veteran rewards.  Endless Journey accounts may not place ships.  Endless Journey accounts may only enter public housing and may not access containers or stacks of items within a house.  Endless Journey accounts cannot place or rent vendors and cannot be co-owned or friended to a house.

If I’m playing an Endless Journey account can I upgrade to a veteran account at any time?

Yes!  You may upgrade your Endless Journey account to a full veteran subscription at any time.