Endless Journey

Endless Journey replaced the more traditional 14 day free trial in Spring 2018, publish 99. This option to play without subscription is available not only to newly created accounts but also to veteran accounts that have been inactive for a minimum of 120 days.

So what can an Endless Journey account do?

Your Character

Characters may be created on all shards including Test Center, with a limit of 2 per shard except Siege Perilous and Mugen, where only one character per account is the norm. On veteran accounts all pre-existing characters may be accessed. The normal skill cap of 720 applies, exactly as a subscribed account, also EJ accounts may use Scrolls of Alacrity, Power, Stat, and Transcendence. Players may transfer characters to other shards by purchasing a token from Ultima Store, to which EJ accounts have full access.

Chat channels are all accessible, help, general and global direct messaging.

EJ characters can be friended to a public house, but have no access to the contents of the house with the exception of wall safes and some locked down Veteran rewards such as the Smith Press, Crystal Portal; if access is set appropriately, such houses are not a safe logout area. They may also use other veteran rewards, Vendor Search, shop from Player Vendors and Auction Safes, and purchase from Magincia Bazaar.

In Town

Safe logout may be achieved at Inns and Taverns. While Endless Journey accounts do not have bank storage, they do have currency, secure and transfer accounts. Use the command ‘bank’ when standing at the town bank to open the bank actions menu. Gold can be deposited using the menu option ‘Make Deposit into Currency Account’, this will give a targeting cursor to click on piles of coins in your back pack; also, in the case of veteran accounts, any checks you may have left in your character’s pack. There is no bank action menu item to withdraw gold, but that can be achieved by the command ‘withdraw [amount]’. Further information is found on the page ‘Money‘. EJ accounts have a limited bank of 20 items (rising to a possible to 28 if both High Seas Booster and the Origin Store Storage Increase or 7th character slot & storage increase have been applied to the account), use the bank actions menu to add items to the bank box, single click an item to remove it to your back pack. Veteran accounts with existing bank boxes containing more than this number will be able to view the entire contents.

Endless Journey characters may collect BoDs (one per day), can use pack animals, can donate to, and claim from, the three Community Collections (Britannia Library, Vesper Museum or Moonglow Zoo) and Clean up Britannia, can gather iron ore and plain wood.

Endless Journey accounts are able to pickup IDOC loot, but not until a 30-minute cooldown period has passed.

Where Can you go?

You may roam freely in all lands and dungeons up to and including Stygian Abyss Expansion undertaking quests, gaining virtues (except Justice), gaining city loyalty or tackling the Void Pool (earning points to spend with Vela the Sorceress). You may also take part in Vice Versus Virtue and Treasures of Tokuno Style Events, board a classic style boat launched by a subscribing player; If high Seas has been purchased, may also board a high seas ship launched by a subscribing player. May take part in Champion Spawns and may join a guild to facilitate these activities. You can receive Mondain’s Legacy resources.

Items with Special Properties

You may use a Pet Summoning Ball and Bracelet of Binding

Other Expansions, Boosters, and Theme Packs accessible with purchase

Gothic Theme Pack, Rustic Theme Pack, King’s Collection, High Seas Booster, Time of Legends Expansion

What Can and Endless Journey account not do?

Endless Journey accounts may not own a house, be co-owned to a house or access containers, safe logout or stacks of items within a public house if friended to one. They may not use mailboxes, operate player vendors or place auction safes. The may not launch a boat, may not mount pack animals with items in their pack.

They may not gain, use or be protected by Justice virtue; receive Rewards, Monster Kill Points, Virtue Points or Power Scrolls from Champion Spawns; gain occupation points in active VvV towns; Attack EM Event creatures or gain EM Event Items; vote in Town Elections or create a guild

Characters may not bribe bulk order npcs, harvest colored ore or logs, mine sand or stone or receive Feluccan 2x bonus.


May not claim Veteran rewards or gain new rewards, receive holiday gifts, use bags or chest of Sending or commodity deeds.

Turning Can’t into Can

An Endless Journey account can be converted to a full, subscribed, account at any time, at which point Veteran accounts will be able to explore the forgotten contents of their intact bank boxes.

Full Restriction List


Endless Journey


Access Requirements Monthly Subscription New accounts or 120 days after a veteran account becomes inactive. No subscription required.
Skill Cap 720 720
Ultima Store Yes Yes
Veteran Rewards Can claim rewards in game and gain new rewards Cannot claim rewards in game or gain new rewards
Use Veteran Reward Items Yes Yes
Holiday Gifts Yes No


Placement Yes No
Co-Owner or Traded/Friend Yes Cannot co-own or be traded a house. Can be friend to house only for wall safe security.
Access Normal Public Houses Only
Place Vendors Yes No
Rental Vendors Yes No
Wall Safe Yes Yes
Lockdown/Secure Containers Yes No
Access Mailboxes Yes No
Interact with Player Vendors Yes Yes
Drop logs/ingots (and other stackable items) on a locked down pile Yes No
Safe logout in houses Yes Inns & Taverns Only
Auction Safe Placement Yes No


Felucca Dungeons & Felucca T2A Yes Yes


General Chat Yes Yes
Help Yes Yes
Global Direct Messaging Yes Yes


Character Transfer Tokens Yes, with purchase of token Yes, with purchase of token
Character Creation All All shards, limited to 2 characters on new Endless Journey accounts
Character Copy & TC1 Access Yes No/Yes

Expansions, Boosters, and Theme Packs

Up to Mondain’s Legacy Yes, included Yes, included
Stygian Abyss Yes, included Yes, included
High Seas If purchased If purchased
Gothic/Rustic If purchased If purchased
King’s Collection If purchased If purchased
Time of Legends If purchased If purchased


Bank Box Yes Yes, limited to 20 items ( storage expansions can increase the max item count to 28).  Any account over the max limit will be able to view their full banks but will not be able to remove any items. (See also Vaults)
Guilds Yes Cannot create new guilds but can join existing ones
Resource Harvesting Restrictions None Yes

-No 2x Felucca Bonus

-Only basic ore & wood

-No sand or stone

Vice vs Virtue Yes Can participate in VvV but do not gain occupation points in active towns
Do Repeatable Quests Yes Yes
Use the Bag of Sending & Chest of Sending Yes No
Use the Bracelet of Binding Yes Yes
Use Pet Summoning Balls Yes Yes
Do Community Collections Yes Yes
Use Commodity Deeds Yes No
Use Scrolls of Alacrity, Power, Stat, and Transcendence Yes Yes
Protect or be Protected by Another Player via the Justice
Yes No
Use the Justice Virtue Yes No
Gain Justice Points Yes No
Use Valor, Compassion, Honesty, Honor, Humility, Sacrifice,
and Spirituality Virtues
Yes Yes
Receive Scrolls from Champ Spawns Yes No
Use Power Scrolls Yes Yes
Receive Rewards, Monster Kill Points, or Virtue Points from
Champ Spawns
Yes No
Receive Mondain’s Legacy Resource Rewards Yes Yes
EM Event Items Yes No
Attack EM Event Creatures All None
Board Ships All All, High Seas ships if purchased
City Loyalty Yes Yes
City Elections & Governorships Yes No
Treasures of Tokuno Style Events Yes Yes
Bulk Order Deeds Yes Yes, cannot bribe up.  May only receive one BOD per day.
Use Pack Animals Yes Yes, but may not mount pack animals with items in their pack.
Cleanup Britannia Yes Yes
Zoo Donations Yes Yes
Covetous Void Pool Yes Yes