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City loyalty is viewed through the ‘loyalty rating’ link on the character’s context menu, this menu is displayed by a single left click on your character. Clicking on the loyalty ratings link opens a further menu, a blue gem at the bottom accesses the further page ‘City Loyalty’.

Any character can gain loyalty for any city by performing quests or donating items for the benefit of the city. The further option of gaining loyalty for one particular city through killing champion spawns is made possible by becoming a citizen of that city.

To declare loyalty to a city simply click on the blue gem beside the city name in the listing, you can do this at any time, there is no loyalty requirement.

When a city has been selected these blue gems will be replaced by a gem at the foot of the list allowing you to renounce your citizenship. If you do this you must wait one week before you may become a citizen of a different city. A second button is available on this page for city citizens, this allows them to buy a citizenship title.

Ratings Explained

This explanation of city loyalty comes from official sources.

For each city, each player character has individual ratings for Love, Hate, and Neutrality. These values are numeric and the raw values are not displayed.

  • Performing beneficial acts in a city causes the city to gain Love for that character
  • Performing negative acts in a city causes the city to gain Hate for that character
  • Any time a city gains Love for a character, a small fraction of the city’s Hate for that character is converted into Neutrality
  • Any time a city gains Hate for a character, and that city already had Love for that character, some of that Love is converted into Hate
  • Any time a city gains Love for a character, all other cities will convert some of their Love for that character into Neutrality.This aspect only operated during the Awakening event when the cities were in competition and rebelion and no longer applies
  • Hate for a character decays at the slowest rate
  • Love for a character decays at a moderate rate
  • Neutrality for a character decays at a rapid rate
  • Decay prevention, active if the player has logged in or out in the last 40 hours of real time, will only prevent cities’ Love for you from decaying. Notoriety and Hatred values from cities will always decay.

A character’s loyalty rating from a city consists of two parts: how well the character is known, and how “pure” the character’s actions are. There are essentially three possible outcomes:

  • If the character only performs beneficial actions for one city, the character gains positive ratings
  • If the character only performs harmful actions for one city, the character gains negative ratings
  • If the character performs a mixture of actions for a city, or performs beneficial actions for multiple cities (this part no longer applies), the character will tend to gain positive or negative ratings to a lesser degree or will gain distrustful ratings.

Here are all the possible ratings:

Tier 0 “Unknown” – this is the default rating and all characters will remain Unknown until they have taken several actions to modify their loyalty rating from the city
Tier 1
  • Commended
  • Doubted
  • Disfavored
Tier 2
  • Respected (most positive)
  • Esteemed
  • Distrusted
  • Disliked
  • Detested (most negative)
Tier 3
  • Adored (most positive)
  • Admired
  • Honored
  • Disgraced
  • Loathed
  • Despised
  • Reviled (most negative)
Tier 4
  • Venerated (most positive)
  • Revered
  • Exalted
  • Lauded
  • Denigrated
  • Scorned
  • Shunned
  • Vilified
  • Abhorred (most negative)

Notes about the system:

  • It is possible to shift a city’s favor slowly over time, but this is much more difficult for those with checkered pasts
  • Negative deeds are worth more hate than positive deeds are worth love
  • Negative deeds are remembered longer than positive ones
  • While the world was in chaos, all cities distrusted each other. This is why trying to be devoted to multiple cities would just earn neutral ratings from all. However, this is no longer the case…

Earning Loyalty

Each city has 3 main employees:

The City Herald, found at the City Stone, close to the bank. You may gain loyalty by donating gold to him (drop on him).

The Minister of Trade, found on or near the dock. Single click him to accept a trade order, filling the order and delivering it will gain you not only his thanks, but also those of the city you deliver to (loyalty to both). The trade minister also has nearby a crate and a hitching post. You may donate items by dropping them into his crate. Acceptable donations are: Boards, ingots, hides, cut leather, cuts of ribs, bread, crabs, lobsters, fish steaks, bows, crossbows, simple potions.
You may also donate livestock by transferring them to the hitching post. Acceptable donations are: dogs, cats, cows, goats, horses, sheep, pigs, chickens. This list is included in a greeting from him, double click him to read it.

The Guard Captain, double click the box by his feet to get a rope, use this to capture raiders found at the brigand fort on the Britain to Yew road. You will need to fight them to a low health before you can capture them (double click rope, target raider). Return them to the guard captain and turn them in. The captain also sells the city banner (single click for context menu). To buy a banner you must be ‘adored’ in the city, you may only buy one banner per week.

Guard Captains are found at the following locations:

Bulk Order Deeds, crafters may gain loyalty by turning in completed bulk order deeds to the smith and tailor npcs of the city of their choice.

Become a Citizen. Loyalty is also gained, if you have declared loyalty for a particular city, when fighting champion spawn

Loyalty Rights and Abilities

Rights and abilities listed are the minimum at which a citizen has that ability, a character with high loyalty also has all rights listed for loyalty levels below.

may endorse a candidate nominated for the post of governor
may purchase the city title ‘Knight’ (10,000gp)
may purchase the city title ‘Baronet/Baronetess’ (100,000gp)
may vote in the town election
may purchase the city title ‘Baron/Baroness’ (1,000,000gp)
may utilise the city trade deal
may purchase the city title ‘Vicount/Vicountess’ (2,000,000gp)


may self-nominate for the post of governor
may purchase a city banner pictured right: Top row – Britain, Jhelom, Minoc, Moonglow, New Magincia. Bottom row – Skara Brae, Vesper, Trinsic, Yew. (250,000gp)
may purchase the city title ‘Earl/Countess’ (5,000,000gp)
may purchase the city title ‘Marquis/Marquise’ (10,000,000gp)
may purchase the city title ‘Duke/Duchess’ (50,000,000gp)

Past Loyalty

Methods of gaining loyalty during the Awakening event that are no longer active are:

  • Arresting Angry Rioters by using a Guardman’s Rope.
  • Helping Angry Protestors by giving them Gold, Food or Clothing.
  • Putting out fires and cleaning garbage.