Special Rewards from Champions

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When killing the champion, players who have worked a certain percentage of the spawn have a chance of receiving one of three types of items:

  1. A boss specific replica;
  2. A boss specific decorative item;
  3. A shared replica.

The replicas are artifacts originally created by the former EMs and Seers. They have the same mods and stats as the originals but Power of Fortification cannot be used on them. They can be repaired, insured and blessed. Some of them are only obtainable from a specific boss whereas others drop on various champs.

Decorative items include some animated tiles, statuettes, furniture, etc. themed around the boss they dropped from.

Replicas are available on all facets.

Players qualify for a chance of a replica by earning points through working the spawn, when a player has worked a sufficient portion of the current spawn he enters the ‘list’. When the champ dies the list of players who met the minimum point requirement is pulled and a roll is performed to determine whether or not a reward will be given.
If yes, the player with the highest points has a 10% chance of receiving the reward, if he fails he is put back into the list and a random player in the list gains the reward. You MUST be in the area when the champ dies

If the player chosen to receive a reward is dead at the time the champ is killed, the Replica will be placed on his corpse.

Note that Oaks has the most shared replicas. Most other champs have 3 or 4.

Scroll of Transcendence are totally independent of the boss. Players working the spawn have a chance of receiving a 105 or a Scroll of Transcendence scroll. In Trammel, you will only get the Scroll of Transcendence, in Felucca scrolls have a 50/50 chance of being SoT or 105. Drop rate on these scrolls is approximately 3%

  • Twaulo (Twisted Wealds), Serado (Tokuno), Ilhenir (Bedlam) and Meraktus (Labyrinth) each have a unique artifact and themed deco items.
  • The replicas are stealable, but not cursed. The SoTs are cursed.

The drop rate breakdown is as follows:

  • 5% chance of a unique item
  • 15% chance of a decorative item
  • 10% chance of a shared reward

The Harrower does not drop any of the shared rewards.