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special-moves-bookWarriors have the ability to expend their Mana to perform intricate maneuvers with their weapons to devastating effect. Each weapon type in the game has a unique combination of a primary and a secondary special move. The first (primary) special move can be executed by ‘Expert’ warriors, ie those with 70 skill. The second special move requires that the warrior attain ‘Master’ level in their skill (90). Only real skill points are taken into account for this, skill enhancing jewels or other items are not counted.

In most cases a complementary skill is required to perform these maneuvers. This is normally tactics, however there are a few exceptions. Tactics requirement, where it applies, is 30 skill for primary moves and 60 skill for secondary moves.

Book Location – Classic Client

The special moves book appears in the paper doll by your feet, on the right. A purple book with a dagger on the spine, double click to open. The opened book is pictured above, it shows 2 icons which change according to what weapon you have in your hand. These icons can be dragged to the playscreen in the same way as spells can be dragged from a spell book.

Book Location – Enhanced Client

The ‘character abilities’ icon appears in the paper doll above the character’s head on the left, a hand holding a sword. Double click this to open a book showing not only the special moves but also the character’s racial abilities. These icons can be dragged to hotbar slots or into macros.

Mana Cost

The Mana Cost of each special move can be reduced if the warrior’s skills are high enough. Add up the skill points for Swords, Mace Fighting, Fencing, Archery, Throwing, Parrying, Lumberjacking, Stealth, Poisoning, Bushido and Ninjitsu. If the total lies between 200 and 299, subtract 5 from the Mana Cost. If the total is 300 or more, subtract 10 from the Mana Cost.

The cost can be further reduced by the wearing of items having the ‘lower mana cost’ property, however the cost is increased if the moves are repeated too swiftly. Using a special move within 3 seconds of the previous special move costs double mana, however if your special move is parried, there will be no mana cost unless the move is one requiring Bushido or Ninjitsu.

The table below gives a brief description of all special moves, the weapons they can be found on and their basic mana cost.
Weapons are listed (S) Swordsmanship (M) Macefighting (F) Fencing (A) archery (T) Throwing

Special Moves






Armor Ignore –  This special move allows the skilled warrior to bypass all of their target’s armor resistance, for one shot only. The Armor Ignore shot does slightly less damage than normal (90% of normal damage). Against a heavily armored opponent, this ability is a big win, but when used against a very lightly  armored foe, it might be better to use a standard strike.  PvP Only: Armor Ignore direct damage cap on melee weapons is 35, on ranged weapons is 30. This cap applies not only to the player but also to the player’s mount, if the mount is a one slot creature.
moves_armorignore 30 (S)Hatchet, Long Sword, Bladed Staff, Stone War Sword, (M)Hammer Pick, War Axe, Disc Mace, (F)Kryss, Spear, Shortblade, (A)Composite Bow, (T)Soul Glaive  (S)Broadsword, Katana, (F)Leafblade
Armor Pierce – Increases the caster’s damage by 50% on a successful attack. Applies a “pierced armor” effect to the target which increases all incoming damage to the target by 10% for 3 seconds with the exception of direct damage special moves. Ranged weapons with this special move will not reset duration if the target is currently under the effect.
Requires Bushido or Ninjitsu skill.
moves_armorpierce 30 (A)Yumi (F) Spiked Whip (F)Sai
Bladeweave – The Warrior becomes one with their weapon, allowing it to guide their hand. The effects of this attack are unpredictable, but effective. Can be set to offensive or defensive mode via a context menu on the weapon. Both modes still have a chance to select all available moves but will have a higher chance to select certain moves. Offensive: Armor ignore, bleed, Mortal strike, crushing blow. Defensive: feint, paralysing blow.
moves_bladeweave 15 None (S)Elven Machete, Radiant Scimitar, Rune Blade, (F)War Cleaver
Bleed Attack – Make your opponent bleed profusely with this wicked use of  your weapon. When successful, the target will bleed for several seconds, taking damage as time passes for up to ten seconds. The rate of damage slows down as time passes, and the blood loss can be completely staunched with the use of bandages. Applies a total of 15-31 physical damage to the target over the next 10 seconds. This damage is not reduced by armor and can only be avoided through healing with bandages. Grants five second effect reduction once removed. Attempts to reapply Bleed while the player is under effect reduction will scale the duration base on the last successful Bleed.
moves_bleedattack 30 (S)Battle Axe, Cleaver, Executioner’s Axe, Scythe,
Cutlass, Glass Sword, (F)Skinning Knife, War Fork, Pitchfork, Bloodblade (S) Bladed Whip
(S)Large Battle Axe, (M) War Axe
Block – Raises your defenses for 6 seconds.
Requires Bushido or Ninjitsu skill.
moves_block 20 (M)Nunchaku, Wildstaff, none
Crushing Blow – Increases the caster’s damage by 50% on a successful attack. Drains 10 points of stamina from target on impact when used on weapons with speeds 3.5 or greater.
moves_crushingblow 20 (S)Axe, Broad Sword, Viking Sword, No-Dachi, (M)War Mace, Shepherd’s Crook, Scepter, Smith’s Hammer, Sledge Hammer, Serpentstone Staff (S)Ornate Axe (M)War Hammer, Tetsubo
Concussion Blow – Applies scaling direct damage between 10-15 based on weapon speed. Ranged weapons mana drain max 50% and return max 40%. Melee weapons mana drain max 80% and return max 70%. Two handed melee weapons mana drain max 80% and returned max 40%.
moves_concussionblow 20 (M) Mace, Gnarled Staff, Diamond Mace, (A)Crossbow, (T)Boomerang (M) Barbed Whip (S)Battle Axe, Long Sword, Halberd, (M)Maul, Quarterstaff,(F)Lance,
Defense Mastery – Raises your physical resistance for a short time while lowering your ability to inflict damage.
Requires Bushido or Ninjitsu skill.
moves_defensemastery 20 (F)Lajatang (F)Kama
Disarm – This attack allows you to disarm your foe. A successful Disarm leaves the victim unable to re-arm another weapon for 5 seconds. Applies a 10 second disarm immunity timer when performed using weapons. Wrestling moves are not subject to the immunity timer. This move is exempt from the Tactics requirement when used as an Unarmed (wrestling) special move. Hit splintering will not proc when this special is enacted.
moves_disarm 20 Bare Handed (using Wrestling skill), (S)Ornate Axe, (F)War Cleaver. (S)Pick Axe, Hatchet, Butcher Knife, Paladin Sword, (F)War Fork, Dual Pointed Spear, (M)Mace, Shepherd’s Crook, Magic Wand, Disc Mace
Dismount – Perfect for the foot-soldier, the Dismount special attack can unseat a mounted opponent. The fighter using this ability must be on his own two feet and not in the saddle of a steed (with one exception: players may use a lance to dismount other players while mounted). If it works, the target will be knocked off his own mount, will take some extra damage from the fall and will be unable to remount for 5 seconds. Dismounts the target. Inflicts 15-25 additional physical damage. Cannot use this while mounted, unless both protagonists are using a lance.
moves_dismount 25 (F)Lance, (M)Magic Wand (F)Pitchfork, (S)Axe, Bladed Staff, Bardiche, Gargish Talwar,(A)Heavy Crossbow, (M)Club, Serpentstone Staff, (T)Boomerang
Double Shot – Send two arrows flying at your opponent if your are mounted. 15% hit chance increase on the second hit attempt
Requires Bushido or Ninjitsu skill.
moves_doubleshot 30 None (A)Yumi
Double Strike – The highly skilled warrior can use this special attack to make two quick swings in succession. Landing both blows would be devastating! 10% damage penalty
moves_doublestrike 30 (A)Repeating Crossbow, (F)Double Bladed Staff, Dual Pointed Spear,(M)Maul, Quarterstaff, Glass Staff (S)2 Handed Axe, Crescent Blade, Double Axe, Katana, Pick Axe, Scimitar, Dual Short Axes (S)Daisho, Wakizashi (M)Nunchaku,
Dual Wield – Attack faster as you swing with both weapons. Base chance to proc extra attack  25%
Requires Ninjitsu skill.
moves_dualwield 20 (F)Tekagi, Sai MTessen
Feint – Reduces the attacker’s damage by a percentage. The percentage can be 20% to 50% and scales based on the defender’s weapon skill. Duration is 6 seconds.
Requires Bushido or Ninjitsu skill.
moves_feint 30 (M)Tessen, (S)Bokuto, Daisho, (F)Leafblade, none
Force Arrow – The archer focuses their will into an arrow of pure force,
dazing their enemy. Dazed enemies are temporarily easier to hit, and sometimes forget who they are attacking. The Dazed effect provides a GUARANTEED spell interrupt, even if the target is under the effect of Protection.. This move ignores over capped Defense Chance Increase.
moves_force_arrow 20 (A)Elven Composite Longbow None
Force of Nature –  Applies 15-35 delayed direct damage to the attacker. The attacker receives a damage increase of 50%-100% based on their strength. The attacker also applies a stun their target for two seconds which can be reduced by magic resist every 12th hit. Equipping the weapon will reset the hit count.
moves_force_of_nature 35 None (M)Wild Staff, Gnarled Staff
Frenzied Whirlwind – Deals scaled damage, 20 – 50 per attack, based on Ninjitsu/Bushido skill levels within a two tile radius over 2 seconds. Applies a movement slow for 1.5 seconds to its initial target if it is player.
Requires Bushido or Ninjitsu skill.
moves_frenziedwhirlwind 20 (M)Tetsubo, (S)Wakizashi (F)Lajatang
Infectious Strike – Infectious Strike requires a weapon with poison charges on it Only weapon types that have Infectious Strike as an available special move will be able to be poisoned. While no skill in Poisoning is absolutely required to use this ability, being knowledgeable in the application and use of toxins will allow a character to use Infectious Strike at reduced mana cost and to inflict more deadly poison on his victim. Level 5 poison will be possible when using this special move. Poisoning skill is not required, but without it you will only be able to inflict level 1 poisons on your victim. This move is exempt from the Tactics skill requirement.
The Poisoning skill will give a (Poisoning Skill)% chance to increase the level of poison delivered by 1.
The blade must have poison applied to it.
The power of the poison depends on the type of poison used and your poisoning skill.
With Poisoning skill 0.0 – 19.9 you can inflict Level 1 (with a chance of level 0)
With Poisoning skill 20.0 – 39.9 you can inflict level 2 (with a chance of level 3)
With Poisoning skill 40.0 – 59.9 you can inflict level 3 (with a chance of level 4)
With Poisoning skill 60.0 – 100.0 you can inflict level 4 (with a chance of level 5)
moves_infectiousstrike 20 (S)Butcher’s Knife, (F) Assassin Spike, Gargish Dagger (S)Cleaver, Dual Short Axes, (F)Dagger, Kryss, Pike, Double Bladed Staff
Infused Throw – The projectile will be infused with energy by the attacker causing it to do more damage and stun or dismount the target.
moves_infusedthrow 25 None (T)Cyclone
Lightning Arrow – A charged arrow that arcs lightning into it’s targets allies.
moves_lightning_arrow 15 (A)Magical Shortbow None
Mortal Strike – The assassin’s friend. A successful Mortal Strike will render its victim unable to heal* any damage for several seconds.
Use a gruesome follow-up to finish off your foe. Lasts for 8 seconds (player) or 14 seconds (NPC). Does not prevent curing poison or stopping bleeding. Mortal Strike does 70% of normal weapon damage to target not currently under the effects of Mortal.
Mortal Strike done to a target that is currently under the effects of mortal or immune will do 130% of normal damage and will not reset the mortal duration.
The duration of Mortal strike attacks done using ranged weapons is halved.
An 8 second immunity timer is granted once Mortal is removed.*Other forms of restoring hit points are unaffected: hit point regeneration or life leech property on items, active ‘gift of renewal’ spell, Bushido ‘confidence’, spirit speak.
moves_mortalstrike 30 None (S)Executioner’s Axe, Crescent Blade, Bone Harvester, Glass Sword, (A)Crossbow, Bow, (M)War Mace, Scepter, Hammer Pick, Glass Staff, (F)Short Spear, Shortblade, (T)Cyclone
Moving Shot – This special move allows archers or throwers to fire while on the move. This shot is somewhat less accurate than normal, but the ability to fire while running is a clear advantage. damage is always physical regardless of other damage modifiers including quivers and Consecrate Weapon
moves_movingshot 20 (A)Heavy Crossbow (A)Composite Bow, Repeating Crossbow, (T)Soul Glaive
Mystic Arc – The thrown projectile will arc to a second target after hitting the primary target. Chaos energy will burst from the projectile at each target. This will only hit targets that are in combat with the user.
moves_mysticarc 20 (T)Boomerang None
Nerve Strike – Does direct damage and paralyses your opponent for a short time (not broken by weapon or spell damage, however can be broken by a trapped box). Requires Bushido skill, this must be real skill and not that derived from items. the target receives a brief immunity to paralize after a successful attack
moves_nervestrike 30 None (S)Bokuto
Paralyzing Blow – A successful Paralyzing Blow will leave the target stunned, unable to move, attack, or cast spells, for a few seconds.
Duration is 3 seconds (player), 6 seconds (NPC). The duration is broken by combat damage in the same way as paralyze spell. This move is exempt from the Tactics requirement when used as an Unarmed (wrestling) special move. paralyze immunity applied to targets have been reduced to 6-8 seconds when used on weapons with speeds 3.5 or greater
moves_paralyzingblow 30 (A)Bow, (F)Pike, (S)Bardiche, Bone Harvester, (T)Cyclone Unarmed (no weapon, using Wrestling skill), (S)Scythe, Viking
Sword, Scimitar, Stone War Sword (F)Spear, Bloodblade, (M)Black Staff
Psychic Attack – Temporarily enchants the attacker’s weapon with deadly psychic energy, allowing it to damage the defenders mind and their ability to inflict damage with magic. Psychic Attack lowers your opponent’s Spell Damage Increase stat. The base effect is a 4% SDI decrease, and it can go up to 16%, depending how much smarter you are than your foe. And yes, SDI can actually become negative.
moves_psychic_attack 25 (F)Elven Spellblade (A)Magical Shortbow
Riding Swipe – If you are on foot, dismounts your opponent and damage the ethereal’s rider or the living mount(which must be healed before ridden again). If you are mounted, damages and stuns the mounted opponent.
Requires Bushido skill.
moves_ridingswipe 25 None (S)No-Dachi
Serpent Arrow – Fires a snake at the target, poisoning them in addition to normal damage with a successful hit.
The archer must be skilled in poisoning and nimble of hand to achieve success.
moves_serpent_arrow 25 None (A)Elven Composite Longbow
Shadow Strike – This powerful ability requires a complementary skill to activate. Successful use of Shadowstrike deals extra damage to the target and renders the attacker invisible. Only those who are Adept (80) at the art of stealth will be able to use this ability. Weapon hit does an extra 25% damage, and hides the attacker.
moves_shadowstrike 20 (F)Skinning knife, Short Spear, Dagger, Club (S)Cutlass, Two-Handed Axe, (M)Smith’s Hammer, Sledge Hammer, (F) Assassin Spike, Gargish Dagger
Talon Strike – Attack with increased damage with additional damage over time. Can increase the duration base on how the amount of true skill over 50 which caps at seven seconds at 120 skill.
Requires Ninjitsu skill.
moves_talonstrike 20 None (F)Tekagi
Whirlwind Attack – A godsend to a warrior surrounded, the Whirlwind Attack allows the fighter to strike at all nearby targets in one mighty spinning swing. Will not accidentally strike innocents, allies, or party members. Bushido gives a damage bonus to the Whirlwind special move. This bonus is capped at 100. The bonus is determined by the following formula:
Damage Bonus = (Bushido/60* number of opponents)²
moves_whirlwindattack 15 (M)Black Staff, War Hammer, (S)Halberd, Large Battle Axe, Radiant Scimitar, Paladin Sword, Gargish Talwar (F)Kama, (S)Double Axe (M) Barbed Whip (S) Bladed Whip (F) Spiked Whip