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The Artisan Festival was a crafting event that allowed crafters to take advantage of the Bulk Order update of publish 95 (December 2016) to turn in Bulk Order Deeds for virtue & vice themed holiday rewards.

  • The Artisan Festival Event was active between server up after December 1, 2016, 12:01 AM ET and January 1, 2016 12:01 AM ET.
  • The Artisan Festival occurred in any of the Governor cities with a treasury balance of at least 1,000,000 gp.
  • Town Criers announced which city is currently active.
  • The Artisan Festival lasted for 3 days in each city during the event
  • While the Artisan Festival was active within a city, players could turn in Bulk Order Deeds to elves at a specially decorated location within each City,
    • Britain – East Britain Park
    • Jhelom – East of The Pearl of Jhelom
    • Minoc – West of The Matewan
    • Moonglow – East of the Scholar’s Goods
    • New Magincia – The Gazebo
    • Skara Brae – South of the Healer of Skara Brae
    • Trinsic – The Park
    • Vesper – East of the Fisherman’s Guild
    • Yew – East of the Yew Healer
  • As players turned in Bulk Order Deeds to the Elf, the holiday tree began to grow and players were entered into the gift raffle held at the conclusion of the 3 day period. Players received a number of entries based on the worth of the Bulk Order Deed they turned in.
  • The greater the value of Bulk Order Deeds that were turned in, the bigger and better the Holiday Tree grew;
    stage 1  stage 2  stage 3  stage 4
    until it reached its maximum size at which time all raffle entrants received a reward when the festival concluded in each city. Rewards were scaled to a percentage of total participants for each tree size below the maximum tree size.
  • Values were calculated on the ‘banked’ value of the BoD, not the full value. ie 2% of the full value for small orders, 20% for large orders. Therefore several low level large BoDs gave more value than higher level small BoDs
  • Players claimed their rewards by double clicking on the large gift bag near the elf.
  • Players received a gift box that could be used to unwrap a random reward inside.
  • Rewards are vice and virtue themed holiday items including,
    • Honor, Sacrifice, Hythloth, and Destard themed paper lanterns (top row shows unlit lanterns, lower row lit lanterns)

      • Can be turned on an off by double clicking, function as a light source
    • Compassion, Honesty, Wrong, and Shame themed throw pillows
    • Valor, Spirituality, Despise, and Deceit themed wood sculptures

      • Animated, can be turned on and off by double clicking
    • Justice, Humility, Covetous, and Pride themed paintings
  • Players who claimed their reward received a Virtue or Vice themed reward based on their karma. Positive karma players received a Virtue themed reward and negative karma players received a Vice themed reward. Participants can only receive one gift per Artisan Festival in each city.
  • Rewards came in a new collectable holiday box available in a variety of hues and labelled with the name of the claimant.
  • There was a 1 day cool down between events in each city to give participants a chance to claim their rewards.
  • The Artisan Festival cycled through all cities with the ability to pay for the Festival for the duration of the event.