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The Artisan Festival was a crafting event that allowed crafters to take advantage of the Bulk Order update of publish 95 (December 2016) to turn in Bulk Order Deeds for virtue & vice themed holiday rewards.

The Artisan Festival returns for another year, 2017 with new rewards, reverse city order and revised submission thresholds. 2018 sees the welcome return of this event, the dates this year are December 4 2018 to January 4 2019

  • The Artisan Festival Event was active between server up after December 1, 2016 & 2017, 12:01 AM ET and January 1, 2017 &18 12:01 AM ET.
  • The Artisan Festival occurrs in any of the Governor cities with a treasury balance of at least 1,000,000 gp.
  • Town Criers announced which city is currently active.
  • The Artisan Festival lasts for 3 days in each city during the event
  • While the Artisan Festival is active within a city, players can turn in Bulk Order Deeds to elves at a specially decorated location within each City,
    • Britain – East Britain Park
    • Jhelom – East of The Pearl of Jhelom
    • Minoc – West of The Matewan
    • Moonglow – East of the Scholar’s Goods
    • New Magincia – The Gazebo
    • Skara Brae – South of the Healer of Skara Brae
    • Trinsic – The Park
    • Vesper – East of the Fisherman’s Guild
    • Yew – East of the Yew Healer
  • As players turn in Bulk Order Deeds to the Elf, the holiday tree begins to grow and players are entered into the gift raffle held at the conclusion of the 3 day period. Players receive a number of entries based on the worth of the Bulk Order Deed they turn in.
  • When giving the elf a completed BOD, the elf will indicate a general level of progress towards the next tree level (added 2019)
  • The greater the value of Bulk Order Deeds that are turned in, the bigger and better the Holiday Tree grows;
    stage 1  stage 2  stage 3 stage 4 stage 5
    until it reached its maximum size at which time all raffle entrants receive a reward when the festival concluds in each city. Rewards are scaled to a percentage of total participants for each tree size below the maximum tree size.
  • Values were calculated on the ‘banked’ value of the BoD, not the full value. ie 2% of the full value for small orders, 20% for large orders. Therefore several low level large BoDs gave more value than higher level small BoDs
  • Players claim their rewards by double clicking on the large gift bag near the elf.
  • Players receive a gift box that can be used to unwrap a random reward inside.
  • Rewards are vice and virtue themed holiday items including,
    • 2016 Honor, Sacrifice, Hythloth, and Destard themed paper lanterns. 2017 Scales, Crook, Coin, Sceptre (top row shows unlit lanterns, lower rows lit lanterns)
      2018 adds a further 4 lanterns, Axe, Mask, Ankh, Sword.
      2019 adds the final 4 lanterns to complete the set, Broken Shield, Uneven Scales, Hand, Heart.

      • Can be turned on an off by double clicking, function as a light source
    • 2016 Compassion, Honesty, Wrong, and Shame themed throw pillows.
      2017 Swords, Ankh, Mask, Axe
      2018 Scepter, Coin, Crook, Scales
      2019 Moon, Skull, Chalice, Tear Drop

    • 2016: Valor, Spirituality, Despise, and Deceit themed wood sculptures.
      2017 Sculptures Chalice, Tear Drop, Moon, Skull.
      2018 Wrong, Shame, Honesty, Compassion.
      2019 Coin, Scepter, Balanced Scales, Crook
    • Animated, can be turned on and off by double clicking
    • 2016 Justice, Humility, Covetous, and Pride themed paintings.
      2017 Heart, Hand, Broken Shield, Unbalanced Scales.
      2018 Moon, Skull, Teardrop, Chalice.
      2019 Axe, Masks, Sword, Ankh

  • Players who claimed their reward received a Virtue or Vice themed reward based on their karma. Positive karma players received a Virtue themed reward and negative karma players received a Vice themed reward. Participants can only receive one gift per Artisan Festival in each city.
  • Rewards came in a new collectable holiday box available in a variety of hues and labelled with the name of the claimant.
  • There was a 1 day cool down between events in each city to give participants a chance to claim their rewards, reduced to 17 hours for 2017
  • The Artisan Festival cycled through all cities with the ability to pay for the Festival for the duration of the event. For 2017 the festival will begin in Yew and loop backwards through all loyalty cities.