Contest Winning Keeps

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Contest Winners – Publish 101

The Trinsic Keep Est, Designed by  Canary

Full Price: 29,643,750


Contest Winners – Publish 103

Robin’s Nest, Designed By  Robin

Full Price: 25,301,250


The Traditional Keep Designed By Newcastle Arms

Full Price: 26,685,000


Villa Crowley Designed By Mr Crowley

Full Price: 21,813,750


Darkthorn Keep Designed By Violet Darkthorn

Full Price: 27,990,000


The Sandlewood Keep Designed By Holly

Full Price: 23,456,250


Casa Moga Designed By Mandrake

Full Price: 26,313,750


Contest Winners – Publish 105

Fortress of Lestat, Designed By  Lestat

Full Price: 27,405,000

Citadel of the Far East, Designed By  Voice

Full Price: 29,036,250

Keep Incarcerated, Designed By  Nick Carraway

Full Price: 26,291,250

Desert Rose, Designed By  Obsidian

Full Price: 21,206,250

Sally Trees Refurbished Keep, Designed By  Cinderella

Full Price: 29,688,750

8 of Hearts, Designed By  Clover

Full Price: 27,360,000