Clean Up Pigments

There are a total of 24 pigments available from the Clean up Britannia system. Each pigment bottle contains 5 charges and costs 250,000 points. Two images are shown for each color. Displayed flat are Gargoyle stone chest, leather tunic, tiger pelt chest, plate chest and robe. Displayed worn are studded tunic, chainmail leggings, plate shield and mage book – also worn are ringmail sleeves.

Intense Teal

Tyrian Purple

Vibrant Ochre

Mottled Sunset Blue

Mossy Green

Olive Green

Polished Bronze

Glossy Blue

Black and Green

Deep Violet

Aura of Amber

Murky Seagreen

Shadowy Blue

Gleaming Fuchsia

Glossy Fuchsia


Deep Blue

Vibrant Seagreen

Murky Amber

Vibrant Crimson

Star Blue

Reflective Shadow

Mother of Pearl

Liquid Sunshine

Dark Void