NPC Vessels

In addition to the Pirate Quest vessels there are three additional NPC vessel types:

  • Orc Ships, crewed by orcs but having no red, named, pirate aboard. As can be expected from orcs, these are hostile and will attack.
  • Gargoyle Ships, having a gargoyle crew consisting of a captain, a navigator and several deckhands. These are merchants and will not attack, but will defend themselves if under attack.
  • Tokuno Ships, having a human crew consisting of a captain, a navigator and several deckhands. These are also peaceful merchants, unless attacked.


Should you be moved to scuttle these vessels you may board them and find a variety of items both in the hold and in containers on deck

Common Items:

  • 4 to 12  Powder Charges
  • 4 to 12 Cannon Balls
  • 4 to 12  Grapeshot
  • 4 to 12 Fuse Cords,
  • Ramrod
  • Refinement Resources

Occasional Items:

  • Culverin Deed
  • Carronade Deed
  • Case of Smuggled Goods
    (one of 23 named alcoholic beverages)

    • 20 single drinkable bottles
    • A deco 2, or rarely, 3 bottle group
  • White Cloth Dye Tub.

Additional items:

  • ore/ingots
  • boards/logs
  • cut leather/hides
  • copper wire
  • food items

Alcholic Beverages

  1. Arabella’s Gargish Stout
  2. Diablo’s Blaze Port
  3. Eldador Elven Elderberry Wine
  4. Equinox Wine
  5. Fitch’s White Ale
  6. Gathered Spirits Blended Whiskey
  7. Golden Brew Tavern’s Spiced Rum
  8. Joe’s Spicy Creb Shek Brew
  9. Napa Valley’s Finest Chardonnay
  10. Otis’ Original Home Made Brew
  11. Pandora’s Perfect Pinot Noir
  12. Red Eye Tavern Specialty Rum
  13. Sapewin Wines
  14. Summer Solstice Brew
  15. Serpent’s Cross Lager
  16. Waxing Dark Brew – From the Moonglow Garden
  17. White Rose Zinfandel
  1. Apple Isle Whiskey
  2. Kazola’s Treetop Wine
  3. Moonshine
  4. Royal Guard Brand Ale
  5. Salty Dog Paws Mead
  6. Vesper Ale