Pet Resurrection by NPC

NPC Veterinarians in stables across the land will resurrect a ghostly pet – for a fee.
On approaching the veterinarian a gump appears offering to restore the pet


However if you approach too soon, when you accept the offer you will be told. “That creature’s spirit lacks cohesion, try again in a few minutes.” This delay appears to be approximately 10 minutes from the death of the pet. There is also a loss of .2 skill points instead of the usual .1. It may therefore be advisable to seek assistance from a fellow player before attempting to access this facility.

On a successful attempt to resurrect the pet is restored to life with minimal health and the fee is deducted from your bank


The cost of the resurrection is scaled according to the taming requirement of the pet being restored.


Costs scale exponentially with difficulty, up to a maximum of 30,000 gold
Costs at various taming levels:

  • 0%: 0gp
  • 10%: 4gp
  • 20%: 4gp
  • 30%: 16gp
  • 40%: 36gp
  • 50%: 100gp
  • 60%: 256gp
  • 70%: 676gp
  • 80%: 1,764gp
  • 90%: 4,624gp
  • 100%: 12,100gp
  • 110%: 30,000gp