The Player Event Co-ordinators

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The Player Event Co-ordinators
<a href=""><img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-7010" src="" alt="wraith" width="266" height="300" /></a> PEC or Player Event coordinator is a role created to assist players with their events. To submit for this assistance please email either PEC Wraith,, (she covers all the shards but the Asian ones) or PEC Naniwa,, (he covers all the Asian Shards). The PEC can also make suggestions to help make your events flow smoother. Here are the guidelines you need to follow to be considered for scheduling and assistance. <ul> <li>For your submission to be considered official it MUST include both the PEC you intend to work with AND This is to keep everyone in the loop and informed of what is happening. If submissions are made and the correct parties ARE NOT included your submission maybe rejected until this is corrected.</li> <li>Please DO NOT ask for drops. The PEC program NEVER offers drops of any kind for any reason. PECs DO NOT place any items on any monsters for any reason.</li> <li>Please submit your event AT LEAST TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE OF YOUR REQUESTED DATE. This is for scheduling purposes. There are things that need to be reviewed before your event is approved and scheduled. Most times an in game meeting is required to go over your event and locations etc. The sooner the better as once a date is scheduled that locks that date out for other events so if you have a certain date in mind the sooner the better as it is a first come first serve basis on dates. If you need to change dates of your event please let the PEC know as soon as possible so that your event can be rescheduled.</li> <li>To help speed the process along please include as much detail as possible in your requesting email, including but not limited to: <ul> <li>a basic story outline</li> <li>what exactly step by step you are requesting done</li> <li>locations of everything requested. Locations have to be in the format of Facet (1000, 1000,-20) as an example. These number can be found in the enhanced client map just under the coordinates.</li> </ul> </li> </ul> Things you can request can include locking temporary decorations down, spawn simple monsters, request npc oracles, and gating to events. The following are some guidelines to consider when asking: <b>Monsters</b>- PECs are different from EMs and cannot spawn ANY boss monsters that you find in game. They can however make a "simple" monster into a boss monster. Monsters can have custom names, hues (within reason), and be slightly bumped up for a challenge. Monsters that are available are some of your more common one such as orcs, skeletons, zombies, brigands, for an example. They are limited to 30 monsters total and a small "boss-like" mob group of 2-4 monsters. Spawners are NOT available at this time. <b> Lockdowns</b> - are limited to only what the players can do normally inside the game. So basically if a player can build it for an event PECs can lock it down (please see deco section for items that cannot be locked down). If we lock it down please DO NOT ask for it back. You can have certain items requested to be made such as teleporters and gates but PECs will NOT gate into dungeons or across facets into certain areas that you normally cannot gate into. PECs will not gate around people in the event as an EM does. *You can request gates for certain durations up to 4 hours of time per event but must include exact locations and the areas will be approved on a case by case basis.* <b> Oracle NPCs</b> - are limited to no more than 5 NPCs total. NPCs can repeat phases either in order or randomly of no more than 5 lines each. NPCs that require key words/items to respond to are limited to 3 lines each. Please keep in mind that oracles have a limited number of characters that can be displayed. It is limited to one full line in the 2d client including spaces. <b> Decorations</b> - You can ask for a few items of deco that are not normally found by players or cannot be locked down (such as anything marked artifact, rewards, etc.). PECs will NOT deco an area on a permanent basis, but if players are doing extended events in an area can request things being locked for a certain period of time. All events will be listed on the event calendar as well as the official Ultima Online Facebook page. Screenshots as well as event announcements can be listed for the events on either site if provided in advance of the event or after the event.

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