The Town Crier

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The Town Crier
The role of the lowly Town Crier was greatly expanded in publish 99 (Spring 2018); using the “news” speech command or double clicking a town crier NPC brings up not one item of interest, but the entire Town Cryer newspaper. Town crier NPCs can be found at banks, starting inn locations, and the Eodon moongate. They are updated in real time with the latest information. Non-NPC town criers (Sherry the Mouse &amp; Coral the Owl) are updated once on server up if those objects are locked down or secure. <h2>Town Cryer News &amp; Quests</h2> The “News” section of the Town Cryer offers a variety of quests designed to introduce players to new and existing content. These Quests can be accepted via the “Quest” button in each Town Cryer article and are non-repeatable. Where appropriate, news articles have a “Learn More” button that will open a webpage to pertinent wiki-entries on Town Cryer quests are available for the following content areas, <ul> <li>Animal Training updates</li> <li>The Wreck of the Ararat</li> <li>The Huntmaster’s Challenge</li> <li>Dungeon Shame</li> <li>Dungeon Wrong</li> <li>Castle Blackthorn Dungeon</li> <li>Treasure Hunting</li> <li>Dungeon Covetous</li> <li>Dungeon Despise</li> </ul> Some of these quests are of increasing difficulty and will take a considerable time to complete, requiring at the later stages well developed characters or sometimes groups of adventurers. <h3>Town Cryer EM, City &amp; Guild Events</h3> <ul> <li>EM event information, City Governor posts, and Guild Events are available in their respective sections of the Town Cryer.</li> <li>Updates to the Town Cryer are done through a context menu accessed on NPC Town Criers.</li> <li>Only the updates options the user has permissions for are displayed.</li> <li>Governor Entries <ul> <li>May be accessed by the Governor.</li> <li>Must have a headline, at least one paragraph entry, and an expiry between 1-14 days.</li> <li>May have up to 5 active articles at any time.</li> <li>Entries are cleaned up at the time of expiry.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Guild Events <ul> <li>Guilds with 20 or more members may have 1 active event notice in the Town Cryer guild section.</li> <li>Guild Leaders &amp; Warlords have permission to input, update, and delete event notices.</li> <li>A total of 150 guild event notices may be active at any given time.</li> <li>Events are sorted by date and cleaned up when the event date has passed.</li> <li>Guild event notices require a headline, event month, event day, event time, event timezone, event meeting place, and event description.</li> <li>Events may be posted for the current month and the following month.</li> <li>Inappropriate entries into the Town Cryer will result in guilds losing permission to input further events.</li> </ul> </li> </ul>

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