A Symphony of Snow & Samurai (Dec 2023)

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The frozen tip of Isamu-Jima, Winter Spur, has been commandeered by the forces of Yukki Onna, an undead being of  considerable evil

The waves of forces that precede the appearance of this entity are as follows.

  • frost ooze and ice elementals
  •  frost spiders & snow elementals
  • ice fiend & frost troll
  • white wyrm & giant ice serpent

Fight well and you may receive for your efforts a snow sculpture, one of eight, they are:

  • A Bake Kitsune
  • A Boura
  • A Dragon
  • An Eowmu
  • An Ettin
  • A Frenzied Ostard
  • An Ogre
  • A Troll

Also from the death of Yukki Onna you may receive a replica of the Artisan Festival tree that can be placed in your home, when double clicked the tree will impart Krampus slayer to an equipped weapon or spellbook (effective against Krampus and his minions) good for 24 hours.