The Forest of the Dark Champion Spawn

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The Forest of the Dark Champion Spawn is found after following an npc lead storyline at the outskirts of the Savage Clan Settlement in Central Ilshenar.

Spawn waves consisted of:

  • Savage Warriors, male & female
  • Savage Shamans & Ridgeback Riders
  • Tangling Roots & Reapers
  • Rotting Corpses & Blood Elementals

with the final champion, the Guide (images supplied by Larisa of Origin and Cinderella of Sonoma)

The reward drop from defeating the Guide was the First Aid Belt which was limited to one per account.

  • holds up to 1000 bandages,
  • 50% weight reduction,
  • +2 Hit Point Regen,
  • 10% bandage healing bonus (while equipped)

During the spawn ornamental figures in a variety of hues were awarded to combatants, tsuki wolf, zombie, mummy and lich.  These figures function as either a dartboard or an archery butte.

Note: arrows/bolts are recovered and archery buttes reset by standing by the butte with empty hands and double clicking.