Halloween – Treasures of the Kotl City

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The ruins of the Kotl City have been discovered in the Valley of Eodon. The entrance is located off the road between the Barako and Urali Tribe villages.

kotl-city-entranceCreatures killed within the Kotl City have a chance of dropping “Artifacts of the Kotl”, these can be turned in to the trader at the entrance for a variety of kotl-city-traderrewards. The trader will also resurrect the fallen, should disaster strike you.

  • Skeletal Hangman
    • Decorative house addon that retains the name of the player who places it when created.
  • Kotl Sacrificial Altar
    • Decorative house addon
  • Recipe for a Kotl Black Rod (Carpentry – Weapons)
    • Quarter Staff/Gargish Gnarled Staff
    • Spell Channeling
    • Mage Weapon -0 Skill
    • 2 Faster Casting
    • 5% Lower Mana Cost
    • 10% Lower Reagent Cost
  • Recipe for Dr. Spector’s Lenses (Tinkering – Magic Jewelry)
    • Glasses
    • 8 Intelligence Bonus
    • 4 Mana Regeneration
    • 12% Spell Damage Increase
    • 8% Lower Mana Cost
    • 10% Lower Reagent Cost
    • 5% Physical Resist
    • 10% Fire Resist
    • 14% Cold Resist
    • 20% Poison Resist
    • 20% Energy Resist
  • Black Moonstone
    • Ingredient required for the crafting of Dr. Spector’s Lenses & the Kotl Black Rod
  • Recipe for a Kotl Automaton (Tinkering – Assemblies)
    • A craftable 4 slot Mechanical Pet that can be used and controlled by Grandmaster tinkers.
  • Automaton Actuator
    • Ingredient required for the crafting of a Kotl Automaton
  • Reward Title: Menace of the Myrmidex
  • Reward Title: Zealot of Zipactriotl
  • Reward Title: Explorer of the Kotl City
  • Tribal Banners for each of Eodon’s 6 tribes
  • Katalkotl’s Ring
    • Ring
    • +10 Resisting Spells
    • +10 Meditation
    • 5 Hit Point Regeneration
    • 3 Mana Regeneration
    • 20% Spell Damage Increase
    • +20 Magery, Necromancy, Bushido, Chivalry, Ninjitsu, Mysticism
      • Skill can be selected by the player
  • Boots/Talons of Escaping
    • Thighboots/Talons
    • 4 Dexterity Bonus
    • 1 Stamina Regeneration

Inside the Kotl City


Entering the city at the point seen at the bottom of the above map, the first large room, and it’s western branch, are populated by lava lizards, fire elementals and desiccated myrmidex larvae. The eastern branch is blocked by a wall of tumbled rubble, behind which can be seen energy beings, Ignis Fatalis. Sometimes these are also encountered among the fire elementals and lava lizards.


Beyond this first room is the blue ‘city center’, furnished with scattered kotl sacrifical altars and occupied by lumbering Kotl Automatons. Other, more rewarding, occupants can be persuaded to appear, if you are able to discover their secret. To the west is a group of ruined buildings while to the east is a strange larger ruin. Beyond it to the east are more ruined buildings and a portal that returns the user to the entrance portal.  The central room of the larger ruin is occupied by a large, broken table, the southern room, the Time Room, is sealed and contains something called the wheels of time.


Clicking on the door of this room gives the message *The door is sealed shut. There is likely a switch that controls it nearby*. Sure enough, to the north of the large room is another small room, but it contains not one switch but ten!


Solve the puzzle of these switches to unlock the room *You hear a low hum as the door to the Time Room unseals…*. Enter the Time Room and double click the wheel *You set the wheels of time in motion.  The City shifts to a time long ago…*.  The way is now clear past the rocks on the East side of the first room.


Beyond the Wall

igris-fatalisWell, not entirely clear, there are barriers to negotiate, while dodging the Ignis Fatalis (EC version on the left, CC version on the right of the picture), and now the rocks are gone, it is clear how some of them come to be in the main room.  Beware these have an area damage!  You will also need eight kotl power cores, you might wish to collect these before proceeding further.


The tiles of the barriers are electrified, all except one. You must find that one in order to cross. It might be advisable to mark it in some way when you discover it – a small pile of coins perhaps? If you need to retreat, it would be well to know where the safe path is located. At the far end of this corridor is a teleporter to the inner sanctum.

The Inner Sanctum

From the portal steps lead to the main room. Here you will find quiescent power core docking stations, needing the kotl power cores you have doubtless carried with you. Although there are two boxes attached to each station, you need only place a power core in one of them. When all eight generators are activated a gate will open at the north side of the room and you will see the message *Kotl City Hologenerator: Great Battle simulation now active! Proceed to city center!*


Stepping through the gate returns you to the blue city center, but now you find it populated by Spectral Kotl Warriors and Spectral Myrmidex Warriors. They battle each other, making your task of defeating them somewhat easier.


Hidden Treasures

Clever detectives may manage to find a Regal Box among the ruined buildings containing treregal-boxasures:

Gold, gems, a selection of volumes written by Ellie Rafkin, or Dr Spector, kotl power cores, cards of Semidar including some not previously seen, an Inoperative Automaton Head, and just occasionally an ‘artifact of the kotl’.