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This skill gives the title ‘Detective’ and is useful to role players and people wishing to gain the virtue ‘honesty’

Using Forensic Evaluation:

  • on a corpse will reveal the name of the killer and of those who looted the corpse.
  • on a player will reveal their affiliation with the Thieves Guild.
  • on a lockable chest will reveal who has recently picked the lock of that container.

Training the Skill

NPC’s to train the initial few points can be found on all shards except Siege or Mugen. The skill is trained by:

Bloodletter, Healer(Shopkeeper), Healer(Wandering), Healer Guildmaster, Fortune Teller.

From that level to approximately 36 skill you will need to examine corpses. It is perfectly acceptable to examine corpses of creatures you have killed yourself. Use the skill on each corpse until successful, then move on to the next. You can only gain off the corpse once. Yew sheep fields or Jhelom farm are optimal training areas at this level.

This will take you to 41.1 if desired, which is the level at which you can begin examining picked boxes or chests. Alternatively at around 36 you can begin examining blue npc beggars in town. At this level the ball of knowledge deems this activity to be ‘very challenging’, but you can examine the same npc an unlimited number of times.

The skill level 41.1 is the point at which you may successfully ascertain the town to which a lost property item (see ‘Honesty’ linked above) should be returned, though it may take a considerable number of attempts. You can continue to gain from the beggar npcs, for variety you can now also gain from boxes and chests which have been picked. A treasure hunter’s lockpick training box or a picked paragon chest is ideal for this. There is no limit to the number of times these can be examined.

Examining boxes can take you to GM, but gains will slow down as the task becomes ‘easy’, and eventually ‘very easy’ as judged by the ball of knowledge. NPCs can make this task easier.

61 skill

The beggar NPC registers as ‘optimal’ and you will also begin to be able to ascertain the exact owner of the lost property items.

71 skill

I recommend examining thief NPCs

91 skill

Examine the Thief Guildmaster NPC. This individual remains ‘optimal’, as judged by the ball of knowledge, all the way to GM.

beggar thief thiefGM


For those choosing to build a full ‘Detective’ the following skill set is suggested:

  • Forensic Evaluation
  • Detect Hidden
  • Tracking
  • A Weapon Skill
  • Anatomy
  • Tactics
  • Healing