Similar to Magery, Mysticism consists of spells divided into eight circles that signify their power and the magic ability required to cast them. The more powerful a spell you wish to cast, the more mana each spell requires you to expend. Spells of the Eighth Rank require great measures of both skill and mana, while spells of the First Circle are much easier and require less energy. There are sixteen spells in all, those skilled in Mysticism are known as Mystics.

Mysticism uses four special reagents,┬áBone, Daemon’s Bone, Fertile Dirt, and Dragon’s Blood, in addition to the eight magery reagents.

Focus or Imbuing

Just as magery needs the support skill, evaluate intelligence, mysticism needs the support of a second skill to give effectiveness to the spells. This can be either Focus or Imbuing, when damage spells are cast, if both skills are present, the effectiveness will be determined by whichever of these two skills is the higher.
Focus has two purposes in regards to Mysticism:

  • Acts as a damage modifier to Mysticism spells – The higher your Focus, the more damage you do
  • Allows you to passively Regenerate Mana (slower than meditation) and Regenerate Stamina. Unlike meditation, focus is unaffected by your choice of armor.


Mysticism damage spells receive the same bonus from inscription skill as magery damage spells. These spells are: Nether Bolt, Eagle Strike, Bombard, Spell Plague, Hail Storm, and Nether Cyclone.

The Spells

First Circle – Mana cost 4; Delay 0.50 seconds; Min Skill 0.

Nether Bolt (In Corp Ylem)
Black Pearl, Sulfurous Ash Fires a bolt of nether energy at the Target, dealing Chaos damage. 120 Mysticism, 120 Focus/imbuing: Damage: 30-37 (Comparable to Magic Arrow)
Healing Stone(Kal In Mani)
Bone, Garlic, Ginseng, Spider’s Silk Creates a large, non transferable, red gem in your backpack with a stored amount of healing points. The amount of healing points depends on your Mysticism & Focus or Imbuing skill. You must have a free hand to use it, when used the Healing Stone will attempt to cure you or heal you, deducting points healed from the stone’s available total. The stone takes 20 seconds to fully recharge, if used again before recharging it will heal for a lesser amount. Points are also deducted from the stone for cure attempts, the higher the poison, the more points will be used up. The stone lasts until the points are used up, or it is dropped on the floor.

Second Circle – Mana cost 6; Delay 0.75 seconds; Min Skill 8.

Purge Magic(An Ort Sanct)
Fertile Dirt, Garlic, Mandrake Root, Sulfurous Ash Attempts to remove a ‘buff’ from the target. Success is determined by the caster’s Mysticism and Focus or Imbuing versus the target’s Resisting Spells skill and the casting difficulty of the buff spell.

If there are no wards to Purge it places a curse on the target that increases their mana cost until the target damages something. When removed the target takes damage proportionate to how long the effect has been in place. The effect ends after 8 seconds and the damage type is Chaos (targets a random resist).

Enchant(In Ort Ylem)
Spider’s Silk , Mandrake Root, Sulfurous Ash Adds up to 60 Hit Spell of your choice (Fireball, Harm, Magic Arrow, Lightning, Dispel) to a weapon. If Focus or Imbuing are over 80 it also adds Spell Channeling -1 Faster Casting. Duration scales based on the level of the spell to be enchanted, base duration 150 seconds.


Third Circle – Mana cost 9; Delay 1.00 seconds; Min Skill 20.

Sleep(In Zu)
Nightshade, Spider’s Silk , Black Pearl Places the target into a ‘sleep’ state during which all movement and casting is slowed and hit and defence chance are lowered. Duration is determined by caster’s mysticism and focus/imbuing skill compared to target’s resist spells skill. The spell is broken if the target receives damage.
Eagle Strike(Kal Por Xen)
Blood Moss, Bone, Mandrake Root, Spider’s Silk Conjures a magical eagle that assaults the Target with its talons, dealing Energy damage.

Fourth Circle – Mana cost 11; Delay 1.25 seconds; Min Skill 33.

Animated Weapon(In Jux Por Ylem)
Bone, Black Pearl,Mandrake Root, Nightshade Conjures and animates a weapon that selects a Target to attack based off its combat strength and proximity. The weapon’s stats and duration are determined by the Caster’s Mysticism and Focus/Imbuing skills. Damage is determined by the Caster’s Anatomy and Tactics skills. Requires 4 pet control slots.
Stone Form(In Rel Ylem)
Blood Moss, Fertile Dirt, Garlic Infuses the Caster with the essence of solid stone, giving a bonus to physical attacks and damage resistance, but reducing the Caster’s spell casting, and attack speed. The Stone Form may neutralize poison, strangle, bleed, sleep, paralysis, and stat reduction effects. The Stone Form’s effectiveness is determined by the Caster’s Focus/imbuing and Mysticism skills.
Effect: -10% SSI; +1 to 10 for every resist based on Imbuing; +2 to 5 maximum resist based on Imbuing.

Fifth Circle – Mana cost 14; Delay 1.50 seconds; Min Skill 45.

Spell Trigger(In Vas Ort Ex)
Dragon’s Blood, Garlic, Mandrake Root, Spider’s Silk Stores a single mysticism spell into a spell stone. When the spell stone is double clicked, the spell is instantly cast. The Caster must possess the spell in his spellbook. The highest Mysticism spell circle that can be stored in a Spell Stone is determined by the Caster’s Focus/imbuing and Mysticism skills. Unlike Healing Stone, does not require a free hand to use. Cooldown: 5 minutes.
Starting at Circle Two, every 20 points in Focus/imbuing and Mysticism increases the maximum possible circle level stored in the Trigger by 1. Maximum Circle: Six at 120/120
Mass Sleep(Vas Zu)
Ginseng, Nightshade, Spider’s Silk Puts one or more Targets within a radius around the Target’s Location into a temporary Sleep state. Works exactly as ‘sleep’ spell, but on multiple targets

Sixth Circle – Mana cost 20; Delay 1.75 seconds; Min Skill 58.

Cleansing Winds(In Vas Mani Hur)
Dragon’s Blood, Garlic, Ginseng, Mandrake Root Soothing winds attempt to neutralize poisons, lift curses, and heal a valid Target plus up to 3 nearby party members. The Caster’s Focus/imbuing and Mysticism skills determine the effectiveness of the Cleansing Winds, the effectiveness of the spell is reduced by the number of targets affected. If a target is cured the healing they received will be reduced proportionately to the level of poison that was cured. If the cure fails, the target will not be healed. Pets can be directly targeted, but will not receive the spell benefits as part of the area effect. This spell will flag the caster as a criminal if the party contains a criminal or murderer who is close enough to the target to receive the benefits from the area of effect.
Bombard(Corp Por Ylem)
Blood Moss, Dragon’s Blood, Garlic, Sulfurous Ash Hurls a magical boulder at the Target, dealing Physical damage. In pvp the spell also has a small chance to knockback and stun a player Target. The stun chance is determined by a comparison between the Caster’s Focus/imbuing and Mysticism skills and the Target’s Resisting Spells skill.

Seventh Circle – Mana cost 40; Delay 2.00 seconds; Min Skill 70.

Spell Plague(Vas Rel Jux Ort)
Demon Bone, Dragon’s Blood, Nightshade, Sulfurous Ash Attacks a target with chaos damage and inflicts them with a spell plague. Each time a plagued target is damaged they have a chance of receiving an additional explosion of chaos damage up to 3 additional time. The plague expires after 3 explosions or 8 seconds which ever comes first, but multiple spell plagues can be cast on a target and they will apply in sequence. The inital chance to trigger the curse’s explosion is 90% and reduced by 30% for each additional explosion. There is a 1 second gap between each curse effect explosion. Damage is modified by SDI
Hail Storm(Kal Des Ylem)
Dragon’s Blood, Black Pearl, Blood Moss, Mandrake Root Summons a storm of hailstones that strikes all Targets within a (3 tile) radius around the Target’s Location, dealing Cold damage.

Mana Cost 50

Eighth Circle – Mana cost 50; Delay 2.25 seconds; Min Skill 83.

Nether Cyclone(Grav Hur)
Mandrake Root, Nightshade, Sulfurous Ash, Blood Moss Summons a gale of lethal winds that strikes all Targets within a (3 tile) radius around the Target’s Location, dealing Chaos damage. In addition to inflicting damage, each Target of the Nether Cyclone temporarily loses a percentage of mana and stamina. The effectiveness of the Nether Cyclone is determined by a comparison between the Caster’s Focus/imbuing and Mysticism skills and the Resisting Spells skill of the Target.
Rising Colossus(Kal Vas Xen Corp Ylem)
Demon Bone, Dragon’s Blood, Fertile Dirt, Nightshade Summons a colossus that will attack a target based off its intelligence and proximity. Takes Five follower slots. The stats, skills and duration of the colossus depends on the caster’s mysticism and focus/imbuing skills.