01) 19th January

Publish – January 19, 1999

The following was released as the January 19th Publish on January 19, 1999.

Hiding Changes

  • Simply tabbing out of combat will not make it possible to hide. Instead, it will be dependent on line-of-sight to your attackers, and distance from them. The lower your Hiding skill, the farther away you need to get.
  • The delay in using hiding again was removed if you failed hiding because you were in combat.

Treasure Maps

A new type of quest will be added involving treasure maps found on certain monsters.

  • Certain monsters will carry treasure maps.
  • There are several different tiers of difficulty to the treasure maps, and the guardian creatures get commensurately tougher for the higher level treasure maps. Of course, there is also nicer treasure!
  • You must use the Cartography skill on the map to decode it. The higher the difficulty of the map, the higher the necessary Cartography skill needed to decipher it. A pin will mark the location of the treasure.
  • When you find the location of the treasure, you can use any mining tool to dig for it. How wide an area you search with a given attempt will depend on your Mining skill, but your skill will not advance from digging. IMPORTANT: The person who used the cartography skill on the map must also be the miner.
  • When you dig up the treasure, guardian monsters may appear. The chests are also likely going to be trapped and locked, and only the simplest chests can be opened with Magic Unlock. For more complex locks, you’ll need an expert lockpicker.

Tailoring Update

Tailoring receives an update.

  • Tailoring is now difficulty-based. You will not be able to craft certain items until you reach a certain skill level.
  • It will be possible to craft exceptional quality items and below-average quality items.
  • Exceptional items made by a grandmaster tailor will carry a maker’s mark.
  • Tailoring will automatically draw from the leather in your backpack if you are making a leather item. It will not be necessary to target the hides.
  • If the item is cloth, you will be prompted to target the cloth you wish to use.

Poisoning Update

  • Poisoning is difficulty based. This means, as you get more skilled, you will need to use more powerful potions to increase your skill.
  • There is no strong dose message. You either fail or succeed. The dose is based on the strength of the potion used. I.E. if you succeed in putting a deadly poison on a blade, the blade will have a deadly poison dosage.


  • New items are added to carpentry: Easels, Music stands, Staves, Fishing Poles, Dressforms, Sheperd’s Crooks, and Tall Music stands.
  • “Provocation spam” is removed.
  • A problem with green and yellow potions stating you need free hands when in fact you do have a hand free will be fixed.
  • Paralysis will no longer prevent firebreathing creatures from breathing fire.
  • Tame firebreathers will no longer breathe fire at bystanders.
  • Guildmasters will once again receive a message when they try to set an abbreviation that is already taken.
  • All guildmembers will get a message when another guild declares war against them.
  • Fishing will now place the fish in the backpack. If the backpack is full, it simply won’t even get the fish.
  • Create food now creates the food in the backpack. A wider range of food can be created as well.
  • A cartography exploit was corrected.
  • The anatomy skill will now give an indication of how much stamina the target has if you are of high enough skill level.
  • Help menu web links will now point at the correct locations on the new website.
  • Your strength statistic no longer affects your weight. Previously, as you gained strength, your character’s weight increased. Your carrying capacity will be unaffected by this change.
  • Spells that modify strength now affect how much you can carry.
  • You can no longer cast firefield in town.
  • Casting energy vortex in a blocked location will no longer cost reagents.
  • Keyrings now behave like regular keys for lockdown and securing items.
  • Locking down a container now asks whether you want to make it secure or not.
  • Targeting code was fixed so that clicking on moving objects should function correctly.
  • Work is being done on correcting the “rubberband” effect.
  • A general revision will be done to treasure carried by creatures.
  • A polymorph exploit was corrected.
  • You will only be able to initiate an attack on a player or NPC if you are within 15 tiles and have line of sight to them.
  • Houses which gained multiple doors in the same location will be fixed up to have a single door in that space the next time the owner changes the locks.
  • If you fail, there’s a chance that you will poison yourself. The poison will be slightly less strong than the dosage you were attempting to use.
  • Serpent pillars will be active again, and will work both going to and coming from the Lost Lands.
  • Inscription will not use up a blank scroll nor reagents when it fails because your hands are full.
  • A trick for placing house add-ons on boats was fixed.
  • Damage from the explosion spell will now happen immediately.
  • The “a scroll” will be removed from creature treasures.